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Let’s work together.  It’s not as Soviet as it seems.  In fact, we’ve been doing so all along when granted the chance.  The wacky twist feels less shocking upon realizing we’ve given consent.  Revulsion at the notion that cooperation is occurring is assuaged by how working together doesn’t create some filthy hippie utopia.  The catch to making life voluntary is that it requires working, which is why Bernie Sanders is so opposed to it.  He presumes everyone with three houses is a useless grifter like him.

Exhaustion should be a disease, as seen by those made ill by the endless and pointless debate over whether being forced to buy insurance makes us healthier.  The dependency’s making us sick.  Plans work best when not provided out of the goodness of an insurer’s heart, as consumers are damn sure they get their money’s worth.  They’re already cranky from feeling unwell in a waiting room.

For a sick look at health, watch the government pretend it’s benevolent. A contract is much easier to enforce when it’s one’s own money on the line.  If Washington announces you’re out of luck, there’s no higher appeal.  You could try prayer, but you still must buy a plan that covers birth control.

Every transaction should be for the benefit of both parties.  That’s supposed to mean buyer and seller.  Instead, it’s Republicans and Democrats.  Politicians can’t suspend the rules of economics or human nature.  They can only assure us the ensuing woe is unavoidable. Fortunately, they can go into debt relieving the pain as long as we never quote Thomas Sowell again.

Why can’t you be compassionate enough to impose?  Our liberal friends are so devoted to helping others that they make it mandatory.  It’s a natural result of seeing life as a series of unfair moments that must be reversed through vigorous readjustment.  Their gun-fearing warriors are split between those who presume wealth should be equally distributed without considering how it was acquired and those who figure the affluent ripped off the destitute, so please don’t claim there’s a lack of diversity in thought amongst their ranks.

The solution is the problem.  We’re too consumed with paying both rent and bus fares to appreciate the irony.  It’s too bad we’re still not going to get the lifting of restrictions makes it easier to trade.  A light regulatory and confiscatory burden pair to suddenly free up decisions and resources.  Or continue to think Nancy Pelosi can spend what’s yours better than you can.

In the spirit of bipartisanship, I believe you can choose which air conditioner suits you instead of Donald Trump compelling you to buy from Carrier.  Interdictions on commerce harm the economy, which in turn prompt sanctimonious calls to help victims.  Wipe prints off the handle before calling 911.

You’d be surprised by how much easier it is to get ahead upon removing excessive taxes for the crime of success.  The absence of punishment allows rich jerks to spend as they see fit.  I’d hate to see people using what’s theirs.  Still, spending might help the economy in some mysterious way.

An off-putting bastard of a CEO frittering a lavish bonus on a yacht benefits more than his desire to be seen.  The schlub assembling them and folks who polish the dinghies would go hungry without such extravagant purchases.  And don’t forget the roughnecks who obtain the necessary fuel.  But I guess those who condemn conspicuous consumption don’t care about the little guy.

The dimes must be glued inside the change purse.  Feel pity for those whose ideology leads to presuming the wealthy won’t help others.  It says more about the humanity of the judgers than the judged.  Of course, every little bit helps.  Ignorance of that fact is often an excuse by those who refuse to give on their own.  It’s our job, which actually means it yours.

Like a rational John Lennon, imagine if we were not only allowed to do as wished with our own money.  You may say I’m a dreamer.  But realizing that we choose which associations we wish to make destroys that nagging Woodstock feeling.

iPhone socialists want to share what you earned to help fight selfishness. We depend on employers and sellers during those rare occasions we trade unencumbered, but only because that’s because we’ve decided it’s worth the price.  Free markets are about being in this with each other.  The fake version tries to skirt employment by pretending every action can’t be assigned value.  Note those who create so little are drawn to it.

By contrast, pursuing one’s own interests means having either labor or goods to peddle to the collective.  Everyone who doesn’t get hired because of a pernicious burden imposed by sanctimonious dolts should know there’s a path to enlightenment.  Let’s make the world a better place together, brother.  That’s if the cost is agreeable.

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