Executively Unmannered

We’re more likely to get manners from this president than a clear ideology. Donald Trump is terribly predictable for someone with no idea what he’s going to say next.  While he technically doesn’t have the slightest clue what he’s doing, he does have personality.  And what a personality!  Those who find it charming have thankfully already segregated themselves from the rest of us.  Divisiveness isn’t as relaxing as you’d think.

Why would there be consensus about an escaped mental patient hiding in the Oval Office?  Distortion is our time’s signature.  You’ll have to trust me this once.  In an era where socialism is portrayed as people helping each other and Republicans are presumed to favor letting the market operate, presidential inexperience is framed as a virtue.

The specific lunacy conforms with general warping.  We see crudeness mistaken for candor, viciousness for fearlessness, front-running for dominance, lack of principles for flexibility, and the inability to profit off roulette for business acumen.  What we won’t see is the unfettered commerce that legally fell out of favor years ago.

The president does have a belief system if his own messianic greatness counts.  His faith has to be deep considering the lack of results. Pray to yourself until it works, sir.  For us heathens, we see someone who didn’t bother to learn how to approach issues during decades of mouthing off.  I’m sure it won’t catch up to him now, so that’s a good sign for our future.

The weak sense of what constitutes strength isn’t making anyone fear the flexing.  Other than that, it’s no wonder the nation is in such a pleasant state.  The mouthy charlatan who hopes nobody notices his bluster’s hollowness is strong like a bull and doesn’t need to arm wrestle you to prove it.

Temperament shouldn’t define policy.  Let’s figure that out in 2015.  Here in the present, some sweet fools are just learning that everything the president does is to compensate.  His caricature of triumph is as crude as his tweeting vocabulary.

Anyone could’ve noticed his pointless striving to appear as a winner no matter the game through his garishly ghastly design sense.  His architectural monstrosities blotting the skyline of unfortunately prominent cities combine the tackiest of Saddam Hussein with the gaudiest of Kim Jong-un.  It’s little wonder he’s willing to meet the latter, if only to discuss where he buys gold faucets.

He wallows in showiness because that’s what he thinks wealth is. What is it with these executives who don’t put their names in gold on all their properties?  They must be very insecure.  Mouthing off out of confusion over what constitutes toughness is the predictable result.  He doesn’t follow through because that’s who he is.

Frame a lack of paying attention as a sign of virtue.  Pragmatism is a way of announcing that someone has no principles.  Making it up as one goes along is more fun with training first.  Virtuosos don’t just happen.  Trump drops a tuba on his foot and calls it a solo. Ignoring details means never developing theories about what works. At least go with someone who’s shown he can fix problems if we must avoid a partisan.  Instead, America will win at chess by flipping the board.

The hollow empire has moved to the White House, as too many voters finally bought one of his items.  The rest of us are stuck without a warranty.  Anyone who’s noticed his previous transactions is unsurprised every presidential statement sounds like Bart Simpson describing Libya. The way he thinks he can charm his way through not knowing the answer was adorable to a certain segment of reality television show fans.  But being an amateur isn’t a virtue now no matter what Laura Ingraham claims on Fox & Friends.

The grating pitch only worked in his previous career because his product was himself, not real estate.  Worst, he’s a crummy item. Braggadocio shouldn’t be the first thing buyers seek.  But it works for gullible real estate customers and presidential favorability poll participants.  Closing his most recent sale can’t measure the dissatisfaction that followed.  Sadly, Mexico’s not as gullible as Trump Ice drinkers.  I hated what his dopey show’s popularity said about America.  I still don’t know how to classify what his presidency does.

Those who remain without a party will eventually cease our own boasting. To be fair, it’s about noticing what a hollow boaster the president is.  We’re seeing firsthand what happens when someone whose greatest skill is claiming how great he is gets to the White House.  In bipartisanship’s name, it’s actually the third straight term of it. Barack Obama and the incumbent have profoundly different styles of claiming they can fix it.  But the lack of results is the same.

Parties sharing a view means government’s about to disappoint us.  It’s profoundly liberal to rely on an individual to cure our ills. Liberals will freak out at any suggestion that they’ve ruined everything with unconstitutional silliness.  We may as well get the right to be left alone out of it.  Instead, a Republican president continues to courageously avoid doing his job.

Reducing Washington’s role would take nerve, and Earth’s straightest talker ducks the issue.  Anyone paying attention knows what Trump will do next.  That means he doesn’t.


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