Help This

Ordering some people is the joy of assisting others.  At least, it’s that way to feel better about oneself.  That’s the point of helping.  There’s no reason to even check if the money provides benefits.  Those distributing from a different party get a lot out of it.  Best of all, it’s free.

True compassion is voluntary, which is why liberals don’t understand it.  You don’t even get to boss someone around while telling them they’re unable to spend their own cash properly.  What’s the point?  Aid pimps think people are too stupid to buy what they need and too rotten to give a bit of what’s left to those struggling with bills.  The cheery take on existence doesn’t lend itself to trust.  Let’s order each other to care.

Knowing it’s important to help counts as a contribution.  Spendthrift progressives won’t dip into their own Paypal accounts, as that gets pricey.  It’s especially so for gender studies majors who for mysterious reasons have trouble generating income upon leaving campus.

Well, someone has to fight evil.  Those who didn’t learn much math complain about school lunches being out of reach without subsidies.  They reasonably conclude their ideological foes profit off starving kids. Why else wouldn’t conservatives want to help?  They can’t possibly think a cloddish government is the very force keeping more people from providing for themselves, as such a subtle understanding of irony is only for Stephen Colbert fans.

The mechanism for getting rich through cruelty is unknown, as oh so kind liberals never learn how to make a buck.  Ask why so many parents can’t afford meals in the first place for a lesson in problem-solving.  Anyone truly concerned is free to donate to any school.  But making something public means we’re all helping, which in turn means they don’t have to do it on their own.

Preening about how much they care is totally not a sign of overcompensation.  Liberals share even more common ground with Donald Trump.  Help can be done quietly, you know.  If true, they shouldn’t need to boast.  It’s like a certain current president they loathe constantly announcing how awesome he is at dealmaking.  There’s no need to emphasize something so patently true.

Examples should speak for themselves.  Big-government zealots need something to distract from how they’re not into filling the Jerry Lewis jar. One doesn’t even need to patronize a convenience store to assist.  We live in easy futuristic world where you can give away money with a click.  Curse capitalists for making money so easy to distribute.

Sanctimony junkies love to bitch that Americans have become selfish cash-hoarders who’d take your last buck to fritter away.  That’s the government’s job.  Those who care the very most they advocate for forced donations, which is kind of against the point.  Astoundingly hollow greed motivates the assumption that a taxpayer-funded grant is not only one way to care but the only way.  For an example of why the feds screw things up worse while trying to help, use any time it’s ever been tried.

Bumbling into decency is the best we can hope for through the Tokyo Olympics.  The president will sign anything stuck in front of him as long as it’s summarized in shorter length than a tweet.  Maybe he can be tricked into signing a budget where people help on their own.  The money freed up by not wasting it in assistance’s name will make it easy.

Humans turn out to be both crafty and caring once liberated from expecting someone else to do it.  Food pantries aren’t going to remain bare if Michelle Obama’s legacy is reversed. Kind Americans can also support the art they like instead of letting an agency that currently reports to Trump decide what’s beautiful enough to deserve funding.  We’d better let him determine what constitutes hate speech, too.

There still aren’t corpses blocking sidewalks despite the shrieking. Hospitals for blind orphans won’t suddenly have the heat shut off if the national debt drops to a mere $19 trillion. In fact, more people could be helped with less government.  We’d be cutting out the middleman, who keeps adding stories to his tony Chevy Chase home. And why should some limp bureaucrat get to decide what deserves funding?  It’s already appalling that someone pays him.

A little less confiscated money means a lot fewer people to help.  Any truly caring administration would allow people to earn away, which reduces poverty in the first place and created enough prosperity to make giving a bit to those in need possible.  Of course, they have to choose to offer aid.  Spare a thought for those who don’t think fellow humans will do so. Getting a bill is the best way to recognize value.  The same goes for offering a hand.


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