We’re to Blame

Useless people taking us all down with them is kind of a skill, which should help their self-esteem.  Collectivizing failure might reduce credit. But that’s not an issue for those who never earn it.  Lack of personal responsibility is part of having a country where everyone pays for everyone else.  That means nobody’s billed, which costs more than expected.  Still, splitting the check evenly is popular among those who order potato skins and three extra margaritas. Yours got way more salt than mine.

Sharing as policy is endorsed by those who aren’t good enough at anything to succeed on their own.  Forget seeing life as pleasantly demanding, as pouting is how some relax.  Get enough ingrates to vote and you can make those willing to face the day’s challenges cover your bills. Those who don’t believe in the entrepreneurial spirit sure are fine with exploiting it.  They only believe productivity exists to mooch.

Charge the hive.  If collectivism is good enough for insects, it should be for the jerk species that starts wars and doesn’t always recycle.  Lousy humans made the Earth tricky for bees, so copy them as an apology.  But the nagging self-awareness distinct to Homo sapiens makes many think we could give individuals credit.  Unlike bugs, we could even call them by name: good job, Lou and Cindy.

Just how are human-loathing humans confused?  They either don’t realize they’re making things more expensive on the whole or are fine with billing others.  Classify targets as the rich to make confiscation feel morally correct, as if being relatively successful justifies taking more to give to those who make less. Forget actual cost-cutting through letting businesses slug it out for our bucks: lower prices by punishing raises. The guilt over eternal handouts will hopefully last slightly shorter.

America doesn’t have lots of money: certain individuals do.  If you’re not one, learn a trade instead of slamming those who already did.  Presuming that cash belongs to all of us isn’t just very selfless.  Even worse, it ignores what enabled so many to afford beverages for the whole party at White Castle even if there are free refills of fountain drinks.

Citizens are left the hell alone to earn at will, at least theoretically. Those solemnly proclaiming “A country as rich as ours should be able to (provide insurance for all citizens/pay a living wage/buy everyone a hydrofoil in the color of one’s choice)” never seem interested in joining the ranks of the promoted. Sanctimony can only be sold so often.

Did you know some scientists think there are consequences for actions? Those who predict civilization’s effects would have flooded America into Nebraska a decade ago should pay attention to these experiments’ results.

Liberals never realize the cure is the cause.  Taxing success ensures there are fewer rich jerks to sock.  Wealth transfer doesn’t help either end of the mandatory transaction.  The philosophical violation has nasty practical effects.  But nobody said tearing up the Constitution would create comfort.

Guilty millionaires don’t make it easier by compensating with preening. They demand publicly to not get a slight lowering of the astounding burden they presently bear, although they tell their accountants differently.  Aside from their curious fondness for deductions and aversion to voluntary contributions, it remains mysterious why they don’t want to help their fellow humans by hiring them or buying stuff they sell or make.

Spreading wealth makes it harder to gain. That’s one of those lessons to learn before wondering if grass clippings are edible.  Some are just trying to stuff their pockets before the riot cops arrive and ruin all the fun.  Who cares if the country’s getting poorer as long as I’m handed some?

The ironically selfish urge to take from others is going to take force.  Someone else should be paying your bills.  Greedy people refuse to hand over the goods for which they toiled, so we’ll have to make a law.  The new type of criminal doesn’t want to be taxed into oblivion.  These felons steal from their own paychecks.

People who think gender switcheroo is possible have trouble with other pronouns, too.  “Me” becomes “we” so easily.  Third-person plural enables us to claim acclaim like we did something just watching.

Sports fans who refer to their teams as if they were on rosters illustrate the perils of fantasy.  Who could learn to run a pass route?  Just like it never occurs to our enlightened neighbors that they could help charities on their own, redistributionists figure they’ve got no chance.  They may be right.  But that doesn’t entitle them to drag down everyone else.


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