Outside for a Reason

Irrationality leads to irony.  Let’s learn this time.  Oh: forget it.  We’ll end up ruing unlearned lessons yet again if we remember anything at all, as forgetting what was for breakfast yesterday what our species does. Is that what happened?  Anyway, take how we think of those in office as cockroaches without the charm yet keep electing vermin.  We’re all beyond sick of politicians.  So, vote for someone who doesn’t know politics.  Now look surprised when incumbents know how to neutralize him.

A go fish player promised he’d come in and beat poker pros.  They were totally going to be taught how to bluff.  Instead, the guy whose Atlantic City poker palaces have locked doors is showing everyone else at the table his cards.  I was so sure he wouldn’t be outfoxed by people who have dedicated their lives to marking them.

Teach Jared Leto to not be pretentious, and he stops being who he is. Maybe that’s good.  But it’s better to find someone fundamentally different than attempt to change someone fundamentally flawed.  Take avoiding a president who has no idea.  A coherent ideology would’ve been a good start.  But that would require thinking out actions, which doesn’t really jibe with our impulsive incumbent’s approach.  Go double or nothing on debt.

Someone who claims to just get things done inevitably doesn’t know how to go about it.  I suspect the president is continuing his lifelong hobby of stumbling along and being admired for it. Cynicism is who I am, so I’m sorry to be cruel to the sensitive boy in charge. Still, the difference between conception and reality is embodied by how the Red Hat Brigade portrayed their robust messiah compared to how flaccid he’s been in office. The example should and will never be heeded.  His election continues to resonate.

The impromptu presidency is going exactly as you’d figure.  That’s not a virtue.  The daily Oval Office randomness is surprisingly predictable.  Find sick amusement in how a professional politician might know how to get around the barriers against which Trump is bruising his pompadour.

The figurative competent bore elected on Earth-Two would not only possess a worthwhile platform but have displayed a way to get it enacted.  Think of, oh, a senator or governor with a history of useful votes.  Then remember all that starry-eyed hope you had when you were young and innocent last year.

A lack of clear-cut principles means flexibility.  Sure: go with that.  Fantasyland is where every decision breaks our way.  For those who won’t spend that much to be told what to do by Disney’s chief rat, we know that someone with no ideology inevitably acts as a statist goon.  Get into power and conclude every problem can be fixed by it.  The tendency is as apparent as the president’s eagerness to boast.

A dashing billionaire who loves natural rights and can do more pull-ups than even Putin couldn’t possibly let down his entirely levelheaded fans.  The confusion when he doesn’t act like Reagan is particularly acute.  They were so certain when he was so much better than that lightweight prequel president.

Sure, he didn’t technically make any of the stirring defenses of liberty his shock troopers heard.  But L. Don Trubbard’s Sea Org wasn’t going to be deterred by anything like the record.  In fact, they’re going to destroy those with blasphemous notes that slander the prophet with insolent accuracy.

A guy who ran for an office he didn’t want is sure to think just like you.  Figure he’s bound to be for shrinking bureaucracy just like he’s a genuine real estate titan.  If you never presumed Trump is a Burkean adherent of natural rights, your pessimism is dragging down an otherwise omniscient leader.

Projecting dreams on him is how he got here despite how he’s not good at it or fit for it.  Someone without a defined outlook comes across as phony, which is quite a feat in its way.  But I’m sure this president wouldn’t just say something to please whichever audience he’s facing.

Gin may cure drunkenness.  Still, wait to operate heavy machinery until the morning just in case.  This solution doesn’t seem to be working. Those who maintained revulsion to one-party rule voted for the purported outsider who bolstered it.  All this confrontation has resulted in government cooperating to keep spending away.  Decide for yourself if the fight for nothing was worth it.

There’s bad news for those who thought the system would be shaking.  Instead, the roots are even further into the pipes. In fact, those inside hope for someone foolish enough to think he’ll storm in and school them. A charlatan’s inevitable ineptness allows slimy congressional pros to do as they wish.

Bored at the challenges he didn’t bother to imagine, the incumbent goes along with, what’s the word, the establishment.  If you thought you were sick of politicians before Trump came along, wait until he’s done.


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