Anno Donaldi

There will be a post-Trump world just in case the during part is taxing your resolve.  Imagining the calendar flipping more quickly than it can be turned helps on eternal days.  Fast-forwarding is not just to fantasize, although you should do whatever’s needed to get through the day.  If they haven’t run out of bourbon yet, it’s likely the supply will remain constant.

At least we’re already sort of there.  The president who supposedly embodied toughness has been as limp as his silhouette Twitter fans. Getting outfoxed is a nice break from being embarrassing.  Look on the bright side: an outsider president has stayed there.  An irrelevant executive can’t mess with us that much.  Ineffectiveness is government at its best.  Liberals should be pleased Trump isn’t changing things that much.  But they’re indignant that no one’s telling them how to live by law.

The shame will remain once the presidency ends.  Both those who believed Trump would install a marble clad-utopia are cloaked in humiliation just like those swearing at the children of Republicans.  It’s nice that they share a common interest.  Deciding that it’s a moral imperative to be as obnoxious as possible is a reflection of the subway panhandler, not the commuter just trying to hear the podcast.

There’s a hangover ahead, and protesters don’t even enjoy intoxication. Coming down from the frenzy won’t lead to shrewdness in retrospect. Maybe we can get them to be civil.  Sure: and then get them to admit the Constitution contains nothing authorizing mandatory insurance.

For now, they must lose their freaking minds as melodramatically and publicly as possible. There’s an emergency occurring, namely something not going how they wanted.  The siren wails for as long as anyone else thinks differently.  Dissent is a special occurrence which to liberals justifies enjoying fun moments like an ideological foe’s death or thinking someone who votes differently deserved bullets.  Join them so they respect you.

It’s uncanny how special circumstances force them to unabashedly despise those who voted differently every time there’s a Republican in office.  If it’s tiresome watching them throw a tantrum because someone might reverse one of their dreadful initiatives, imagine what it’s like to be them.  Absence of agony offers semi-relief.  Their utterly pleasant collective demeanor hasn’t improved since Nixon, although it as gotten far worse.

Constant hate isn’t a virtue.  Shake it up a bit.  If there’s ever a normal Republican with manners and a semi-conservative voting record, the figurative executive will still be Adolf Rumsfeld.  Liberal replies are going to remain just as charmingly hateful, not to mention that they’ll simultaneously continue their habit of declaring they tolerate everything that agrees with them.  There are no learned lessons, which is why they believe what they do in the first place.

At least the unpleasantness is bipartisan.  This is the era for changing the locks.  Those who commandeered the party are steering now, which means they’re responsible for the direction.  Granted wishes are curses, they noted as the bumper dangled from the guardrail.

Republicans proving their revulsion for government by nominating the most distasteful option possible.  But Democrats should be the ones learning, as they cope with a braggart claiming he can change everything by fiat.  It’s not fun when the other side tries, is it?

All this arguing obscures common goals, like deciding everyone else is a subhuman toxic sewer monster.  The principled ideology of hating everyone who’s deemed to not meet their standards is how the modern liberal flaunts tolerance.  They’re so pure that they won’t even respect someone who helps them.

I’ve lost count of how often Trump makes up a policy to expand power like their precious previous leader.  But he doesn’t even have to commit the mortal sin of thinking everyone paying the same tax rate would be both fair and an enticement for advancement for them to treat him like a gun-owning coal miner.

While arguing over personality has been as much of a blast as expected, conservatives must remain focused on ideas.  The cult of personality just doesn’t seem constitutional. Prepare now to get back to actually having ideas deeper than noting one clod’s unchallenged awesomeness.  Of course, this doesn’t mean the other ostensible side deserves support. You don’t have to patronize Arby’s because Subway is on the other side of the street and the walk signal’s broken.  Maybe make a sandwich at home instead of dining with the tasteless.

Get hated by newspapers and celebrities for the proper reasons.  Dismay is normal for those who want to limit government despite getting blamed for the actions of a president out to expand it.  Seek a nominee who ticks off liberals for more than his churlish demeanor.

Contemporary melancholy should be used as motivation, not an excuse to wallow. Prepare for them to despise us like Nazis who don’t care about gas mileage.  Irrational contempt based in thinking nobody can question daft progressive goals is normal.  So, we may as well make them hate us for legitimate reasons.  It’ll make their nastiness justified in its repulsive way.  Liberals are confused enough, so we may as well give them a hand.  And they think they’re the humane ones.

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