Got It Done

There’s no need for a law if you can meet your own deadlines.  Note who needs coercion.  I know life is scary with its lack of guarantees and possibility of starvation.  But your leaders promising you food is only going to make you hungrier.

Good things can happen without government. It’s true!  We can even negotiate for better deals.  Oh: and it’s to life what Kathy Griffin is to decorum. There’s that whole thing where everyone hates stupid corrupt politicians and then wonders why things like Detroit happen when we give them power. Life on your own isn’t as scary as Cory Booker has made it out to be and may be in fact better without pathological loons deciding for you.  Order life without orders.

The trouble with a promotion is all that effort.  Those demanding benevolent politicians guarantee a minimum never seem capable of getting more per hour on their own.  This seemingly impossible process is known as getting a raise according to ancient documents from the hifi era. But there was racism and sexism in those dark times, so everything must’ve been rotten.

You can get more money if your boss likes your work.  But he’s just a cog in the oppressive machine.  A Honda-driving shift manager embodies corporate villainy.  It’s better for the compassionate government to just presume the greedy owner doesn’t want to remove any currency from a couch stuffed with it.  It can’t be that a cashier doesn’t generate as much value as the money handled.

Rumor holds that a job with more responsibility is often accompanied by a bigger salary.  Some think the jump is impossible, which also summarizes contemporary contempt for free markets.  Who could ever make something worth selling?  They didn’t teach how to weld in any gender studies class.

The economy can never improve.  Growth is a fantasy peddled by Koch Industries and the Trilateral Commission.  All Baltic Avenue residents can do it grab what you can from those who stole their way to Park Place.  Redistribution is seen as the last step before utopia for some reason.  Despite the widespread abandonment of trust in humans to address their own need, I wonder if we could’ve been doing better by trading jobs for cash all this time.

It’s not that those who think life can be controlled fail to account for consequences or anything.  But this may be a good time to realize that legislation affects humans.  If they grasped that, they wouldn’t be leftists. Stop punishing success, and there’ll suddenly be more of it.  It’s as if people like to keep rewards that are justly theirs. Conversely, paying people to stay poor keeps them that way.  This darn species won’t cooperate with bizarre orders.

Mandatory help does no such thing.  Wondering what’s for lunch tomorrow beats a centralized meal plan.  You can get food without an order that you must eat.  Groceries are actually pretty affordable, even with sellers knowing we need the calories.  Purported assistance makes us turn to store brands. Subtracting that very money from the economy keeps them that way.  There are more fun ways to learn math.

Insurance doesn’t need to be mandated on account of how it’s a good idea. Grownups might be responsible without being told.  It might even be easier, what with sellers not sure they have your business.  But ostensible corporation-smashers just love making sure companies get their precious profits.  Keep going until everything is sold by a single conglomerate which rips off with ceaseless greed.  It’s based in that one American city that’s not in a state.

Please let us off Obamacare for our health.  A magical federal guarantee fails to actually ensure we’ll never die and get prettier as we age.  It’s crummy and expensive with no option to decline.  But Democrats can say more people are covered, and yanking their consciences is government’s purpose.

I bet we could get horrid plans on our own.  Perhaps there would even be better and cheaper plans available by choice.  It’s not to be a crazy dreamer.  I just heard a rumor that competition lowers prices.

Real communalism consists of paying each other to do things.  Attempts to turn commodities into rights actually makes them tougher to acquire.  The only thing worse is to presume that circumstances are permanent.  Set aside that it’s not very liberal in the word’s broad meaning.

We can affect our world, sometimes even for the better.  The idea that life is inherently rotten with the only relief provided by a pittance doesn’t seem very inspirational.  Professional meddlers are frustrated their schemes don’t affect our mean world the right way. They should know: their beliefs put into action made it this way. See?  The future can be controlled.


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