The Knack and How to Lose It

Instincts are a great way to do even stupider things more quickly.  Sometimes, those not known as intellectuals lack street smarts as well.  A massive lurking id may just reflect a dim ego.  Speaking of both, Donald Trump’s impulsiveness was supposed to be an asset.  Never has a staff had to spend so much time hiding a phone.  Noting who’s commander-in-chief is intended to frighten, as that adrenaline surge will help us get through the next international incident caused by a tweet.

Everything’s misinterpreted.  What the hell is that supposed to mean?!  Anyway, these modern times mean deciding instantly what might take ages to properly evaluate.  And nobody better embodies snap judgments than a president who tweets like he has 300 followers and doesn’t realize they may find his take on a Fox & Friends segment crude.  I can’t figure out how he won.

Advanced contemporary humans mistake crudeness for bluntness.  It’s just the most prominent of the many presumptions that America’s trendiest cult shares.  But blurting doesn’t necessarily reflect common sense.  In fact, someone might be reflexively uttering claptrap.  We want folksy wisdom but get a Kevin James sitcom instead. Connecting a quick verbal trigger with a disdain for federal overreach is how we got a Republican who is scared to touch entitlements.

A purported commoner is finally getting used the highest office.  Beg for mercy.  Don’t worry, as it gets worse.  If it’s not clear yet, the electoral process concluded with the last guy we should want to speak for us.  That’s accurate unless we’re loudmouth grifters.  A New York City liberal business poser spoke for the people, as accuracy is the hallmark of our times.  Did you know all businessmen are conservatives?

The capricious presidency sure is predictable.  Anyone who lived nearby or watched one of his performance art publicity stunts knew how much head-shaking would follow.  Perhaps there’s a downside to making someone Earth’s most powerful man who’s unwilling to do the work.  A universe of incorrect assumptions shows the downside of having every bit of information at arm’s length, namely checking none of it.

Just because someone is discourteous doesn’t make them honest.  So, that’s how advertising works.  The executive pitchman blurts things out because he hasn’t thought them through.  There’s a bipartisan craving for dullness.  It’s be so nice to have a conventional leader who has an answer ready for every question.  That doesn’t make them robotic any more than an SAT preparation class is cheating one’s way into college.  Being prepared is a sign of inauthenticity if you wonder why you sigh so much.

Let me agree with you that your issues are the most important.  Thank you for believing me.  Crudely aping what an audience wants to hear is how to keep it real.  This is a time for feelings, which is why nobody listens to explanations of what’s unconstitutional.

Even good ideas can be expressed badly.  We could have secure border without needing to erect a goofy wall.  He’s more into stapling on black glass than building from the start, anyway.  I’d never dare accuse Trump of saying something just to seduce.  But, like Eastern European models, voters eager to be convinced served a purpose to him.  Exploitation isn’t what free markets are about no matter what liberal critics claim.  None of them make money honestly, either.

We warned that someone so shapeless would be easily molded.  No, it’s not a knock on his body by Diet Coke, as there’s no reason to sink to his Insult Shock Brigade’s level.  They’re understandably crabby about his impotent output compared to their virile dreams, although there’s no reason to feel sorry for them.

Is your mind blown?  The establishment is so busy picking up rubble that they can’t run our lives anymore.  They should get wheelbarrows to make the illusion complete.  Now, Washington tells you what to do, only with a cuss word instead of a dull order.  We had to elect a rude baby in his 70s because it was going to shatter the fragile minds of the elite oppressors.  Now, we get unwieldy government without the pretense of manners.  At least the lies are livelier.

At least the lack of dignity’s funny.  It’s accurate for everyone who didn’t fall for him.  Trump’s certainly not making us laugh intentionally despite his bizarre reputation for being hilarious. The remarkably inaccurate categorization is just one more thing he got without earning it.  But what do you expect when fantasy projection is preferred to fact?

An unqualified, uninterested showman can’t be clueless.  Those seduced blame Paul Ryan when a statist oaf of a president doesn’t do what they’re sure he promised.  The country’s going to Hell.  But that was going to happen anyway, so we may as well get some laughs out of it.


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