Low on High Crimes

Arrest the president.  We’ll figure out the charges in the squad car.  He seems bad and thus belongs in handcuffs.  Liberals can’t even pretend to care about suspects’ rights anymore as part of their wholesale rejection all things constitutional.  That’s one kind of consistency.

A self-defeating ideology makes contempt fester even more unpleasantly than usual.  Hating both Donald Trump and free markets thwarts dreams of deposing him.  The key to stopping him lies in the system they hate.  He’s not a fan of it, either, which makes their seething even more sapping.  Instead of bonding over contempt for trading with other nations, both sides refuse to admit they have to work for what they want.  Mutual contempt can only unite them so much.

I get it.  This may be the most obnoxious president yet, but at least he’s clueless.  I never thought I’d feel sympathetic with liberals.  But that doesn’t mean he can be relieved of a job he fails to want.  He has to do something really bad first.  Putzing through a term doesn’t count, or there would’ve been a dozen impeachments by now.

Bossy types who aren’t bossy make it hard on themselves.  Their own ideology making it tough to beat the president they despise, which is the sort of lesson that makes everyone but them giggle.  The shouty left decided he must be removed at all costs while never establishing anything more than a vague case why.  Now, they look like conspiracy lunatics. That is, even more so.

If sign-waggers are trying to make him sympathetic through demonizing, then they’re doing swell. Keeping an unpalatable Republican who often thinks like a liberal in office helps their case, as their failed policies could be blamed on the other party.  Instead, they vow to battle their archenemy in the name of transgender kindergarteners.  At least they’re not extremists like those who pretend people can buy their own things.

You’re telling me people who imposed Obamacare looked for the outcome first? Finding evidence before concluding makes life much easier.  For people who profess to love science, they sure are determined to write conclusions.  Gender poetry classes didn’t teach earnest undergrads how to conduct experiments.

Capitalism is about addressing needs.  By contrast, command fans sell Trump’s disposal without demand.  The same shrewd observers who looked at decades of useless federal spending and decided it wasn’t enough have neglected to identify what high crimes and misdemeanors he’s committed. An unpresidential smirk doesn’t count.

Like the new bachelor who told his now-ex-wife how short her haircut was, overreacting can ruin everything.  Liberals make the mistake of thinking our president is evil.  In reality, he’s just a buffoon.  His plan to have his foes melodramatically overreact is brilliant, unless he’s unwitting as usual while lucking into success.

Demonizing political foes is an even more common Democratic tactic than daily impeachment watch.  Someone who thinks the government does everything with the economy but stimulate it can’t merely be misguided: they must want your grandma and assorted orphans to croak.  Likewise, shrieking that Donald should spend the rest of this term in Supermax is actually making it harder to curb him.  Accuse a shoplifter of murder, and he’ll get away with swiping those Milky Ways.

If Trump’s as bad as they say, they shouldn’t have to make up things. An unseemly fascination with Russia doesn’t mean the Second World kleptocracy used one of their seven computers to hack our patriotic voting machines. Presuming the conclusion before fitting the facts is how we got this much debt for these few goods.

Relaxing is impossible when there’s been a red alert for the entire year.  Tense muscles always enable clear thinking. One’s righteousness ranking would plummet with a weekend spent doing something other than marching.  They could just limit this dopey leader legislatively.  But that would require admitting a president can’t proclaim bills are laws without another branch acting first, and they oppose the precedent.

The worst part is how I agree with not giving him things to sign.  He’s closer to the left than either side feels comfortable acknowledging.  It’s easier to go to 11 right away than inch up the volume, which is why they decided he’s Hitler J. Satan before his inauguration.  Didn’t he do something bad with Putinland, a dump they suddenly loathe?  Go to trial and hope the jury doesn’t notice the district attorney neglected to present a case.

Facts can come later.  Ditching Trump would be so much easier if he, say, lied under oath.  Not doing what they envisioned is really cruel.  Their 1984 Handmaid’s Tale fantasy about President Voldemort was supposed to be nonfiction by now.  Details are just dumb.

Liberalism is about pretending silliness can come true.  It’s the case whether the government is giving everyone awesome insurance at a discount or removing an executive who’s merely cloddish.


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