Indivisible and Durable

America’s full of ingrates if you hadn’t noticed on account of tuning out the incessant bitching.  Luckily, our nation is as forgiving as a nun who got into the Communion wine.  A solid foundation can withstand a tremendous amount of careless shaking.

Our awesome country is durable no matter how much its citizens try to wreck it.  We’re doing our best.  That either speaks poorly of our demolition skills or highly of the Founding Fathers.  Thank a pretty decent warranty even if we weren’t the ones smart enough to invest in it.

How does one deal with a president one still can’t believe holds that job?  If we go about lives without caring what Donald Trump things, it might send him a message.  Or, let his job affect every move to give him the control he wants.  Some seem to be making every waking decision about stopping the incumbent, which says far more about them than him.

If you’re worried Trump has too much influence, you’re conceding the dumb government has far more power than it should.  That’s one way to become a libertarian.  Just remember that Barack Obama wanted to tell you how to live, too.  Warmness doesn’t justify bossiness.

Use Trump as an excuse to fix everything.  You don’t have to thank him for the chance.  The catch is that nobody should have this much sway. Threaten some overseas jerk instead of hassling us.  Diminish politics just for self-preservation.

It’s not that the government’s going to get you, unless you don’t want to buy insurance or something.  Rather, worrying that slight changes to how an overbearing agency carries out its schemes will ruin the nation is bad for mental health.  Fear that one party will get carried away is a sign to reduce government’s role.  It doesn’t matter who presently controls which branches.

Liberals think ceding basic human autonomy is great until someone like Trump wins.  This is a cruel way to learn about irony, which is one of 2017’s few joys.  Sadly, the lesson won’t stick.  They’ll revert to demanding to be oppressed by a liberal president who sounds inspirational while demanding more confiscation.  Listen for the word “we” as code for not being allowed to decline.

The biggest check on stupid overreach should be the ordinary citizen’s dedication to constitutional fidelity.  So, forget it.  Instead, the only thing protecting us from ruin is how the two groups out to dominate others see each other as mortal enemies.

Those lusting after controlling the populace have slightly different takes on what sort of personality should order our lives.  One prefers to be sweet-talked, while the other dispenses with romance in favor of whipping into submission.  The officious ideologies are also labeled differently, which leads to mutual loathing.  Star Trek was supposed to teach them the follies of contempt based in superficial differences.  But one side worships George Takei, who apparently hasn’t watched his show in the half-century since his biggest bit role.

Thank arrogant idiots for canceling out each other, as it’s saving the republic.  One side that wants to tell you what to do assures apocalyptic conditions if the other implements the same basic crummy plan slightly differently.  We’d end up being charged more for shoddier goods either way.

Protons and electrons cancel out each other; somehow, the result is negativity.  But at least their uncivil war keeps them from getting anything done, which in Washington is a relief.  The reaction occurs without planning.  Maybe there is a benevolent supernatural force looking out for us after all.

We have a president who wants to use federal power to boss around. Guess the party.  That dull and depressing scheme sounds familiar. Oh, right: the other side tries it, too.  Having one side which thinks the people are in charge and Washington’s role is to take and do as little as possible is apparently too large a request.

Factions bicker over who’s more efficient at issuing orders in these progressive times.  Discrepancies are all about demeanor.  When can we get a cool guy to make us submit again?  Cory Booker better practice in the mirror.

We should probably still get that rash checked out.  Attached bits could fall off next.  Sure, this nation has problems as numerous as they are grave.  An administrative mechanism that spends out money as quickly as it can borrow it is almost as bad as the endless sense of hassling.  But America’s engine keeps churning even if we treat it like a rental car.

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a president who thought humans should be free to trade goods and services.  Anyone who misses such simple times should be thankful for those pesky checks and balances.  Those who only started caring about divided branches this year should realize that slowing the government might be a good idea.  That would mean admitting their philosophy is necessarily flawed.  So, get to it.


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