Fighting for Something or Other

Whatever the other side did sucked.  I agree.  But there should be an alternative presented, even if just to make what Democrats think look even sillier by comparison.  Instead, sour kvetching will have to be adequate.  The backlash presidency presumes everyone’s sick of politics, so at least that’s correct.  But the vapid response from Team Trump shows why people revert to establishment dolts.

Compensate for not having your term paper done by claiming classmates are lousy writers.  Just react to whatever that second party does with scorn.  Frown for message enhancement. Man, politics is easy.  Our president should’ve gotten into it sooner, and not just so we’d be done with his presidency already.

I know Donald Trump has spent a lifetime reading Hayek, Sowell, and Locke.  Yet I still suspect he has no coherent ideas.  That makes me a target for when sedition becomes illegal, but it’s nice to get it off my chest.  I do agree that whatever liberals want is bad, although I wonder if he’d just reverse his stances if elected as a Democrat.  It’s mean to suggest he’s somehow unprincipled.

The manual devotes three chapters to noting a complaining politician should have something better ready.  It’s not fair to have to fix what someone else broke, but that’s in the job description.

Obamacare would’ve been tossed in the dumpster behind the White House an hour after inauguration were a professional election.  By contrast, our slacker incumbent prefers just copying their tactics of bitching about the government not spending enough, which is apparently the only good thing his opponents do.  Now, statist waste is officially bipartisan.

It’s fine to loathe Democrats.  In fact, that would be considered a healthy and normal hobby.  But the astute can’t just bitch about them, even if it’s fun.  Demonizing in a vacuum is especially unhelpful while basically copying their agenda. It’s tricky to replace an odious mandatory insurance scheme when you’ve decided the government not ordering people to buy something is mean.

Sucker-punching poor folks walking down sidewalks is one way of maintaining an undefeated record.  The tiresome argument that he fights neglects to clarify precisely what for, not to mention who.  But I’m sure the intentions are wholly pure.  Also, his conman past totally won’t haunt him in his new life.

Conflict without context is brutish, so at least there’s a reason the present is so crummy.  Enjoy semantical political victories over people who want to blow just as much taxpayer money as you.  Actively questioning a president is both taxing and insolent.  It’s easier to presume the president actively fights for every fantasy they’ve ever had, including secret ones where he’s the one who made you a cuck and your wife happy.

The president’s most ardent fans are the ones obsessed with strength, so I respect their standard.  We haven’t seen a good brawl against a qualified foe, much less many victories.  The first WWE Hall of Fame president is good at faking a submission hold.  But he shrieks when facing someone who can actually grapple.

We don’t even get forthrightness out of inexperience.  The snotty real estate bully somehow was supposed to be the realest dude who’s ever strolled into the Oval Office.  Meanwhile, he’s just more obvious at being phony.  Trump’s Crimson Guard members have to really lie to themselves to make it seem like he’s not only getting something done but also something useful.

The only thing motivating this fight is ego.  If you think drunks bumping into each other in bars is interesting, this is the era for you. Punching anyone who you think looks at your old lady is bound to always be exciting.  Brain damage from head blows helps.

Still, there should be a reason to have allied with those at one’s side. Instead, one tribe bashes another with rocks because they’re outsiders.  That’s a good enough reason for the most loyal.

The only ones who care about the results of skull-cracking are those foolish enough to retain membership.  Egghead talk emanating from nearby caves maintaining fire is not bad but good means they have their next target.  Cro-Magnons have each other’s backs.

It’s not that I’d ever accuse the president of wanting something for childish reasons.  But I’ve noted he thinks everything Democrats want is a bunch of low-energy loser stupidity, including the things he likes.

Quick reflexes aren’t always used virtuously.  Recall he’s a longtime member of the Party of Clinton, not to mention his affinity for their spendthrift ways with your card.  The difference is he’s doing it.  That’s fine as long as he’s awesome.


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