Bleat the Rich

It’s important to not compare oneself to others for the sake of happiness. That’s unless hating others makes you happy.  Resentfulness isn’t as fulfilling as meeting personal goals, but it is easier.  That itself may be a goal for sadder folks.  Despising those who’ve been more financially successful is how those who don’t try justify indolence. A low goal can be achieved from the couch, so everything’s fine as long as the remote remains within reach.

Deciding how to loathe takes a bit more effort.  But persevere through mean tweets for a sense of triumph.  Try condemning any suggested course that’s allegedly for the rich as practice.  Take letting people keep more of what they earned.  Those who pay the most are punished correspondingly.

Treating those with the biggest paydays as society’s most egregious villains is the lamest cliché since claiming socialism helps each other.  Modern idiots do that all the time, too.  Did anyone try replying that Americans used to be free to address their own needs?

Wealthy jerks may in fact have not gotten rich from ripping you off.  They dared to sell you products, and you’ll never forgive them for the affront.  Offering way more affordability than some mom and pop store is as cruel as efficient business practices.  Nothing’s greener than prices lowered through proper resource use, so tell the Sierra Club how much box stores help our Earth for entertainment.

All we get out of people getting rich off us shopping is everything we want to buy.  Competition debases our species, according to those who pit Amazon and Walmart against each other for title of  cheapest air conditioning filters.

It’s not greedy if currency just falls in one’s lap.  Come on, karma. Hippie namaste chants make covetousness cool.  Note who thinks people can make too much money by how they not only want stuff but don’t want to do anything necessary to obtain them.  Work is oppressively decadent.  The professionally envious think declaring it’s all bull makes them pure.

Hating everyone makes it easier to track.  A broad principle outweighs specific favors.  Pro-business differs entirely from pro-businesses.  Note how many companies support regulations for an idea of who’s actually a government-loving goon. An insurance mandate means a guaranteed customer pool of every American.  Similarly, freezing out others with bitchy little rules is how established companies work with noble liberals to screw the little guys.

I’m sure libertarian purity will keep any multinational conglomerate from sucking up to politicians for favors. Some dare call that a free market.  Those who refuse to stick out hands are easy to identify by how sparsely-attended their meetings are. The Kochs are some of the few proprietors who campaign against corporate handouts they could exploit, which is something to remember while demonizing.  At least they greedily put their names on hospitals and theaters whose existence they fund.

Parties are even more useless than before.  Debates are now a clash of meddlers versus the indifferent.  Those who believe in reassigning dollars are in office, which they think constitutes winning an argument.  Having power is more important than having sound arguments, so thank Donald Trump for his contribution.

Those most interested in politics make the silliest arguments.  At least they understand force is necessary to get their ideas in place.  Take presuming that people making different incomes is problematic.  Such envy never caused trouble throughout human history.  But at least a clumsy government is sure to make the problem worse. Can’t we make cruel lessons illegal?

Acrimony is sure to inspire logic.  Class warfare grunts are too jealous to think clearly, which prevents them from grasping irony.  Their smug machinations are precisely what makes it difficult to get ahead. Money that could have gone to, say, raises instead funds entitlements.  At least there’s no way to opt out.  The involuntary nature brings us together.

Steep tax brackets condition both sides to stop working.  Someone will hand you what’s desired, presuming those bilked don’t quit en masse out of frustration.  Anyone sick of being patronized couldn’t get ahead if they wanted, anyway.  It’s tough to make much of anything with a drained economy, from products to a living.  Announce the game is fixed as an excuse for losing.

Government compassionately assists its victims.  Murdering motivation is for humanity’s good.  Alleging untraceable unfairness is how our enlightened progressive superiors compensate for guilt at some people being better at it.  Presuming any concentration of capital was pilfered makes legal thievery feel okay.

The wealthy could just cut out the middleman and buy your labor.  But work’s problem is in its very name.  A sense of satisfaction might make people feel like becoming conservatives, and I saw on the news that it’s heartless.


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