Big Brother Is Bothering You

Stop that!  We can all see what you’re up to, and the fact everybody knows such makes us conclude you like being watched doing that, you sick freak.  We’ll go first.  Citizens are always tracked in these modern times, which is the natural result of always having cameras face us.  Am I in frame? Oh, and who knew that the light meant we’re being filmed?

Presume our rights are being infringed every moment to maintain the proper mentality.  It’s nice to stay paranoid, as it keeps us sharp.  Most of the time, it turns out suspicion is justified, as our attentive government kindly insures we’re not baselessly crazy.

Make sure to flip off your phone camera a few times per day in case anyone’s watching.  Standard human vanity turns out to consume us when paired with devices that enable it.  Desperate modern people fear the government doesn’t pay us enough attention.  What: are our routines not fascinating enough to our minders?

The collectivization of everything lends itself to knowing all filthy details about our fellow people.  Each entitlement and regulation means another way to monitor behavior. Pestering citizens about why they can’t afford the health care they’re forced to buy is as irksome as being told we can’t stay safe without handing over calling histories.  I don’t even like talking on the phone, much less others knowing.

The state isn’t trying to blackmail you just because they gather every bit of humiliating evidence possible, as that’d require maliciousness we know doesn’t exist in Washington.  Nanny statism is chance to judge others, which is all the limp voyeurs want.  You can’t decline, so please tell us about yourself and everything wrong with you.  Now disclose your income to see if you’re poor enough to make others buy your insurance.

Oh, the struggles probably stem from the money drained in the first place.  But the government can’t care for us unless they learn everything about us.  One of the countless pleasant things about being forced to enroll in Medicaid is exposing one’s financial background to a bureaucrat trained in snooping.  Take away other options, and people end up choosing governmental insurance by law.  How about that.

Obtaining everyone’s secrets is ruining ideology.  An individual who grasps simple mathematics can oppose the horrid return on Social Security. But there’s no option to decline.  Let those who shriek that net neutrality will allow internet providers to control our experiences see what happens upon trying to decline the government’s mandates. Gloat that those who have their options taken are forced to compromise, as that’s really getting the point.

The true resistance wants a government so weak that it doesn’t matter if Donald Trump wields power.  Anyone still convinced we’re more advanced than a beehive should be calling for a national sales tax just so we don’t have to disclose income to the last twits who should be allowed to know.

Forget to mention what’s ordered.  It’s your duty if you believe in being left the hell alone.  Tip in cash so your servers don’t have to declare it, and buy other things with bills to reduce your grid presence while you’re at it.  Also, it’s a shame that all those guns were lost when the volcano erupted in your basement.  An AR-15 makes you an unstoppable murder machine, but it will eventually melt in magma.

The dystopian totalitarian nightmare is here.  But nobody looked up from phones to notice.  I don’t even think the cameras turn off.  Orwell was an optimist, as 1984 came about voluntarily.  Who wants to be tracked constantly?  Okay, let’s make this easier: who didn’t raise their hands?  We adore feeling admired, even if it’s just our federal babysitters adding to photo folders named with our initials.

There aren’t that many more seconds to shave.  It’s remarkable how every era features even quicker instancy.  I miss the carefree laid-back days of dialing AOL.  Facebook makes us feel like we live lives worth commemorating, at least with the pictures cropped.  And I can’t remember the last thought I had that remained untweeted, although I’m sure that just means a high volume of golden content.

But at least we’re handing it over even if nobody seems to realize there’s an option to pipe down.  Your hand only feels light for a few minutes if it doesn’t contain a phone, so don’t fear the awkward sensation prompted by setting it down.  It’s crucial to differentiate between what’s volunteered and taken.  Either bit of information may possibly be used against you.  But we’re only responsible for one of those.

Anyone disturbed by the collective knowledge of what everyone else does is starting to see why people don’t seem furious about the endless invasiveness: it’s an easy way to avoid responsibility.  We can see nobody else is held accountable, which is the worst result of universal espionage possible.  Please quit staring.


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