It’s Been Established

Your favorite band was so cool until people liked it.  Now, the combo is just a lame sellout who dares make a living.  Only respect those who have the integrity to not be good enough to do so full-time.  Your ears will thank you.

Donald Trump is not an establishment guy, as he refuses to join any club that won’t have him as a member.  Like everything else, it’s true regardless of what he thinks.  That word is what we call people who know what they’re doing.  What he has established is that he has neither the expertise nor nerve to diffuse the time bomb. He’s assured us nobody else can prevent explosions.  Why clip wires when a hammer will teach the ticking box who’s boss?

This self-purportedly bold man could’ve headed to Washington in order to shrink it.  Trump possessed a chance to look even bigger than see sees himself, if that’s possible.  But that would’ve taken awareness that being president is hard. Even a thorough outsider should’ve been aware of the issues plaguing the inside.  To be fair, we’ve known fighting back an unbearably massive government was necessary for almost a century, so it’s pretty novel.

The purported bold guy doesn’t know how to sweet-talk voters.  We avoided such slick political seduction in favor of a gentleman who makes use out of every insult he knows.  A bit of skill at finagling would help make deals.  The guy who claims he’s the best at them should realize what a bit of diplomacy could do.  It would also make other countries not want to wage war with us.

The Trump presidency isn’t still just weird to type.  The surrealist specialty features all the downsides of amateur hour while disappointing us at a professional rate.  We’re trusting someone who made a virtue out of ignorance in charge.  It’s supposed to feel refreshing.

This flight goes somewhere dull.  The whole alleged purpose for taking the Trump Shuttle was because the pilot was unafraid to confront bullies.  Instead, he’s begging for a wedgie in the hopes his groveling keeps it from going atomic.

The incumbent is revolutionary in that he’s blatant about lying to maintain his precious status.  Trump is not a traditional politician, as he worries about what will cost him votes. Wait.  He could’ve pretended he got everything done in the first term and gotten to finish up early.

This purported firebrand claimed he was fearless because he’s an amazing person in general and specifically not beholden to any party or special interest.  Instead, he’s obsessed enough with being liked that his constituency ended up being everyone.  It’s especially tricky for someone so good at making so many people angry.

I’m sorry to make present circumstances even more dreadful by pointing out we could have had an actual conservative Republican in charge. Bracing for what’s going to be tweeted today is strenuous enough on muscles.  Imagine how sore we’ll feel upon realizing there’s no hope that the one party pretending to care about liberty will fight off Washington for you.

I remember hoping to elect someone who believed government should be small enough to lose in the junk drawer. Instead, it’ll continue to grow at a rate where it won’t be contained by our dwellings.  Outlasting Hillary wasn’t worth it, especially when someone with manners might have attracted enough votes for a majority.

If you’re already tired of the rudeness, don’t even think about, say, Scott Walker getting reelected after cutting spending.  In ancient times, there was a commonsense belief that Americans are better with the money they earn than the useless politicians who confiscate it.  Modern leader Trump is too craven to upset the setup, but at least he’s made the accompanying lecture more obnoxious.

We needed someone who refreshingly stormed in from the outside to preserve every soul-crushing handout.  But the Swearing Clown Show was entertaining to enough voters.

America could’ve used someone who has no idea what he’s doing.  That’ll confuse Washington so much that our ruling city will forget to dominate.  Incompetence can only slow a determined man so much.  With debt looming like a horror villain, Trump doesn’t know why entitlements are both practically and morally bankrupting.  But at least he’s afraid to learn.

The courageous invader won’t disturb the precarious arrangement. Instead, he’s merely disturbed.  There was every chance to reverse course considering who confidently steered us over the falls.  Barack Obama’s only purpose was screwing up so badly that reversing his legacy would be desirable.  But this pillager makes sure he leaves everything in its place.

Shredding the currency you sweated away to earn at the same horrifying rate doesn’t sound like a drastic change. Spending’s occurring at the same frightening rate.  You’ll never guess who’s just another scummy politician.


Raise the Rent

A cleaner street is going to raise property values, and who wants to pay more for the same place?  Wallow in filth in order to keep bills reasonable.  Keep property taxes low with the rustiest refrigerator possible on your lawn.

Gentrification is another word for an improving neighborhood.  Naturally, liberals are ticked.  You’re not supposed to change without a permit, and life getting better without an order sets a bad example.  Keep the filthiness our disturbed fellow citizens think makes a place authentically charming.  Letting dirt accumulate is the only way avoid the wrath of those who think crumminess is the best way to keep prices low.

I’m sorry to shock anyone who wants life to never change.  I know the comfort of the view remaining the same is a welcoming prospect.  And maybe pie and hot chocolate can bring coziness while burning calories.  Unfortunately, tumultuousness is part of our universe. Attempting to deny fundamental realities just means not bracing for turbulence.  It’s tough enough to get coffee stains out of the lapel.

The shift may as well be for the better.  Efforts to preserve a dump could be spent sweeping up.  Those romanticizing life in hovels care so much about residents that they want to retain the filth.  It’s neat to keep the broken light fixture for familiarity and character.

You’ll have to pay more for something more desirable.  Economics are mean, but you’ll be able to cope once you realize the subject is indifferent to your feelings.  Prices going up is a sign that something’s valuable.  Attempts to reduce them get so expensive.  Nothing is as certain to rip us off than the government attempting to clip coupons.  Subsidies aren’t paid for by anyone and distort nothing, so what’s the downside?

Fans of excessively-preserved areas presume things should stay the same, which is the first sign of progress. Measures to prevent humans altering their world will hasten change.  If the intent is to get things going, then good job.

I saw the bout with squalor firsthand.  I lived in New York City for too long, which had been my motto since the third week there. My ex-neighborhood would gently be called developing.  But it got less scummy the longer I was there.  I assure you it was coincidence.

My appalling section of Manhattan got slightly less so while I was there.  It was really like the Jeffersons. My time there saw renovations that made it, well, not nice but marginally less disgusting.  Locals were supposed to be upset because there are now places to shop that have dusted the shelves.  Relatively pleasant stores and apartments seemed worth the risk.  Value can only have increased now that I’ve fled out of disgust for all things de Blasio.

Our world is consistent about teaching lessons to those out to change it. Efforts to preserve  circumstances only accelerate their obsolescence.  I thought punching the vertical pedal on the right meant moving toward progress.  Life’s confusing when that activates the breaks.  Purported kindness and a couple billion dollars of taxpayer money will get you the opposite of what was intended. Subsidizing poverty so people aren’t succeeding is compassionate if you’re into subtle torture.

There’s no reason to hate a little bit of exertion.  Developing areas can be spotted by Planet Fitness coming to the block, the emblematic sign of hipsters deciding they like a district so much that they want to alter it.  Some people are upset by lightweight gym life.  It’s much better to leave that massive commercial space vacant.  Make sure to really retain the charm of a desolate urban outpost.  Our world needs more elbow room. Aren’t abandoned lofts the coolest?

Man, some people are attached to rotting in poverty.  People who profess a devotion to change are actually into irony.  The reactionary desire to maintain a crummy community is great unless you’re into progress. Please stay the same for comfort.  I don’t like a neighborhood getting different businesses.  And how dare landlords renovate apartments!

There’s no greater tragedy than people having to move, at least according to our rather sentimental cultural observers.  Quality of life increasing may mean higher prices.  That dang supply and demand will trip up anyone.

Reality should start being nicer.  Those demanding a static lifestyle never get ahead.  It’s hard to feel sad for people who are stuck in one dreadful place when they’re chaining themselves to those trying to move.

Off-Center of the Universe

I feel random.  Also, it’s extra true right now.  My own struggles to fit in as a resident of a decidedly jagged universe are befitting of an emo Tumblr.  But at least I’m bitching with justification.  Never known for sensible order, life is even more all over the place than usual.  Next, I’ll complain that the tunes on my transistor radio aren’t as hip as those Jimi Hendrix jams.

Never moving is my specialty.  I’m an inertia expert.  Present politics let me wallow in my chief qualification.  I stood still while everything else hurled into the indifferent vacuum.  I feel like a fixed beacon at a time when standing still is the only way to measure progress.  Observers can tell I’m stationary because everyone else is puking.  The lack of momentum finally pays off.

It’s not to suggest I’m the center of the universe.  But experiments indicate everything spins around me.  The positioning is all about relativity.  Specifically, I like and loathe the same principles while both parties decide it depends on if Donald Trump thinks it’s neat.  If that’s your objective standard, life’s going to be packed with jostling.

Take a longtime Democrat suggesting 13 figures’ worth of pothole-filling will turn around the economy.  When did the Party of Coolidge think that was cool?  Infrastructure spending has gone from a necessary evil to the only thing keeping the economy from getting depressed.  I’ve stopped tracking how many Trump quotes would cause his fans to flip out if spoken by his predecessor.  They’re as committed to conservatism as he is.

This is a time for freaking about minor matters while allowing major crises to fester.  Nobody appreciates capricious mood swings like the incumbent, so honor your leader by going off like a time bomb built by a jittery ape. Anyone who disagrees with your principles is a monster.  Also, same principles are reflected by thinking a decidedly flawed president is pluperfect.

At the same time, our president can surprise with competence.  Don’t be afraid to praise him despite the dry heave sensation such kindness brings.  Defending Trump one moment while mocking him the next reflects his amateur status.  His bouts with professionalism are bound to produce intermittent results.  The ever-classy bossman’s gentle humor and kind temperament make him so easy to praise.

Trump created actual independence.  Sure, he didn’t mean to do so.  But that means it’s just like everything else he’s ever touched. The informed detachment which enables fair criticism and surprising praise is the most necessary characteristic for sanity. The president is quite passionate about an issue he learned of three seconds ago, so let him explain why everyone who disagrees is a stupid loser who wasn’t even shrewd enough to be born into real estate.

Americans don’t feel obligated to defend a president.  At least, they shouldn’t. This is supposed to be a nation dedicated to telling those in power to cram it. The instinct is even more important with a leader who makes disagreeability a hobby.  If a guy enjoys arguing any time an insolent critic dares suggest a loudmouth could be incorrect, who are we to deny him fun?

The last ostensibly conservative insider to hold the office set the precedent to mock at will.  A George W. Bush-style notion to resist criticizing someone supposedly on our side ignores that we’ve been seemingly assigned teammates by random number assignment.

Make sure to loathe the other side for the right reason. Yes, it’s normal to want to rally around a guy trying to bury terrorists or because of the hideousness of his detractors. But cursing at him when he tries to spend your money on preposterous federal programs constitutes true sophistication.  A little bit of ambiguity goes a long way toward creating appreciation for how flawed a powerful person can be.

Discipline is crucial toward a well-trained executive.  Swat the president with a rolled-up newspaper or give him a treat depending on his behavior that day.  Distinguishing the difference requires constant vigilance, so thank him for inadvertently keeping us on our toes.  It feels as weird to praise Trump as it does to note he’s president.  That’s never going to feel normal, is it?

Sure, you might have voted for a guy.  But that doesn’t mean he deserves your slavish defense.  In fact, the biggest fans should be the harshest critics, as the audience’s goal is a performer who has honed skills through criticism.

Trump fans are noted for their gentle skepticism of subtle issues, so let them assure you our president is as principled as he is consistent.  I’m not even going to guess what will make him flip off tomorrow.  Knowing who will defend him no matter who gets the bird offers consistency.  I wish there was something more worthwhile that makes the insanity feel ordered.


Cop a Plea

Never trust the authorities unless they’re telling us to not stab each other.  That’s just good advice.  People who are skeptical of the government’s ability to deliver postcards tend to believe cops.  It’s important to be as skeptical of the constabulary as they are when I tell them where I got my shiner.  I can only fall down the stairs so often.  The assurance is not just because I hope to avoid picking up my teeth with my hands behind my back in a cruiser.  Be polite while questioning authority.

I’m for locking up litterers.  They should be waterboarded if they’re part of a cabal and won’t give up other names.  I told you I’m not an anarchist.  It’s just that I prefer governmental representatives who strive to ensure others are not infringing.  There has to be like seven or eight rules for this to work, and guys who carry pepper spray at work have enough to track.

Admiration doesn’t mean perfection, as seen by the occasional law enforcement employee who makes national news.  We can note particular cops cause trouble while thinking the profession is staffed overwhelmingly by people who are quite courteous for the bunk they have to tolerate. Admitting that certain police officers can sometimes use a little patience will shut up those who think “pig” is clever.

Anyone who’s dealt with crummy officers who weren’t having their best days should bring them up in the name of respectful professionals.  A field can be largely honorable even while innocent citizens are occasionally harassed while existing.

Making sure to respect a badge-wearing fellow just trying to keep us safe works best when the feeling is mutual.  The difference between walking away and lying on the pavement may be a perceived slight, which is no way to conduct justice.

Give guys badges and batons, and conservatives are suddenly fine with state power without even hearing Trump is for it.  I believe there’s some sort of procedure for state-purchased weapon distribution.

Law and order is one of government’s few actual functions, along with making sure everyone has awesome insurance and the right amount of money, of course.  Let’s ensure those handcuffing for justice have as few laws to enforce as possible.  I just want to make their jobs easier by legalizing everything.

The notion of fighting criminals will naturally appeal to those who don’t like to be bothered.  Having your things or life taken definitely qualifies as a violation, so don’t feel like your libertarian principles are violated by full jails.

I wouldn’t want to do it even if I got to carry a gun.  Calling law enforcement a tough job is like noting the president has a rather strong ego.  Think of the people they’re dealing with if your coworkers seem irksome.  Suspects tend not to be the sorts who have to fear losing a promotion if they oversleep in a cell.

Did you know the police hunt minorities for sport?  I read it on Twitter, which is known as a forum for reasoned thought from the most learned amongst us.  It sounds insensitive to note how rarely officers commit racially-tinged violent incidents.  But we can still respect victims while noting they’re statistically lonely.  We know misconduct cases by name for a reason.  A plane crash is big news precisely because it’s blessedly unlikely.

The same courtesy extended to those pulled over should be granted to those arresting.  Think of officers as individuals, which is a nice way to learn to avoid stereotypes.  The largely trustworthy ones who face potential peril every shift and have to deal with the dregs deserve the presumption of innocence, especially when they’re not suspected of crimes.  The thin blue line’s purpose is to keep the rest of us from wading through scum ourselves.

Members of the same job don’t constitute a random grouping.  Joining the fuzz is for those noble enough to want the rest of their fellow humans to live without being mugged.  The handful of bullies with badges make the rest look bad.  The profession should, to coin a phrase, police their own.

Cracking down on crooked cops is as difficult as finding an internal affairs employee respected in the station.  No job is more likely to protect its miscreants.  The fraternal nature of a job constantly under attack is understandable.  But officers should want to improve their bell curve instead of seeing any outside criticism as a threat. Arrest the malefactors so the rest aren’t put on trial.  Let’s respect just how difficult it is to keep us so safe that we barely even notice the threat, which I don’t just say in case I get a speeding ticket.


Disagree for Death

I think the best of my political foes.  I know they want to shove humans they dislike into meat grinders for the purest reasons.  The minerals contained within the bodies they harvest from their rotten policies will get them some much-needed spending money, and I sympathize with anyone’s income supplementation.  The purity is admirable.  See?  Disagreement doesn’t mean we have to be disagreeable.

Amicably presume foes want to kill you.  Get it out in the open so we can have everyone on record.  Twitter is valuable for letting users say exactly what they think, and the lack of impulse control is more helpful than impulsive participants realize.

Bad faith is suitable for a country where everyone despises everyone else so much that they don’t even remember the arguments.  We used to take comfort in knowing that reasonable people can have different takes. Today, that means one side thinks the other is pro-mass murder. Uncommon amity is the hallmark of our time. Comment sections are black holes of happiness where any depressed person can find common ground with a fellow human.

It sucks how the slightest cut in handouts will exterminate the poors. That one fat cay party will never care.  In fact, Republicans profit from every enslaved human.  The destitute run on treadmills to fuel the wealthy goons’ luxury steamships.  At least they’re not burning more coal.

Realizing the other side has a point would be fatal, so loud noises are actually the most effective tactic.  Statists despise the notion that people can care for themselves once politicians stop pretending they can.  What if that money could be retained by those who earn it? Sure, it might be fair.  But the practical benefits  are atrocious. That money is unrestrained!  People only keep what’s theirs until they want more stuff.  It’s not like they’ll hire or spend.  All that would do is fix the economic problems statists maintain they oppose.

Health care is good for living and not puking all the time.  It’s fine to think our stupid and clumsy government is the only entity that can provide it.  I would classify it as misguided.  Still, a country devoted to rugged ingenuity decided removing competition increases price and quality.  We’re already pretending insurance is cheaper, so why not demonize anyone who thinks shopping around helps prices?

Many Americans need medical attention on account of sentient firearms marching around in defiance of the law and shooting the innocent. We’re as crazy as our guns. Sure, we’ve seen that attempting to control them is like blaming alcoholism on lowball glasses.  But it’s easy to say we’re addicted to violence when all we want is to scare off bad guys.

State management works aside from the results. It’s one thing to disagree with the most obvious diagnosis of our clearly sick government.  Spot someone willing to debate by the claim those who want the innocent enabled to shoot back have blood on their hands.  The counterargument is tough to make while trying to plug wounds.

The toxicity oozes past the containment field.  The perpetual anger isn’t a matter of merely feeling sad for a few moments after encountering a mean tweet.  Claim a slight cut in dependency will leave Americans starving, then wonder why Steve Scalise got shot.  Note who found it hard to not cheer; she goes by the name Joy Reid.

It’s particularly appalling that those who suck at fixing things complain that everyone else breaks stuff.  You’d think people who proclaim politics can create utopia would be a little more sensitive to the hellishness they inflict.  Their own policies cause pain in the sort of irony they’re too earnest to find amusing.  We can be kind enough to presume it’s not by intent.  Statist ruffians could learn from the example. They prefer distracting by maintaining that any deviation will create corpse piles.

I wish their policies were as strong as their lunatic rhetoric, as they’d really have something.  The alarm specialists are in trouble when the public sees that not only is the apocalypse shockingly free of devastation but that many supposed victims have a little more cash in their pockets.  I suppose having extra weight to lug around could throw off alignment.  And spending it on food means potential weight gain, which exacerbates our nation’s obesity problem.

But if those are the worst problems, the public’s not going to be nearly as upset as hoped.  Misery is necessary to pass the policies.  It differs from making them actually work, at least depending on just how cynical you are.  If you still possess hope, you won’t fit in around here.


Magic Tricked

These are unconventional times, and that’s not always a compliment.  In fact, it never is.  Let’s get back to normal so we don’t have to scream what we think while waving clubs to deter other tribes.  Worst of all, modern frontiersmen cope with a president who shrewdly creates distractions from good things he’s done.  That’s the opposite of the traditional style, which it turns out persevered for a reason.

Calculating lunatic Donald Trump doesn’t want you to realize he could be respectable.  Con men usually perform flimflam to keep the marks from noticing their chains have disappeared.  Now, the chicanery is to distract from fatter wallets.  Feeling depressed as circumstances improve is a twist that makes me miss Law & Order.  I would’ve never guessed the uptight conservative was the real suspect.

Shouting overwhelms quiet competence.  The continuous tension headache may explain why Americans are not noticing accomplishments.  Trump has some.  Really!  Sure: they’re largely inadvertent.  But bumbling into happiness is about the result.  A more articulate president would know just how to explain why people have the right to retain what they acquire. As for here on Bizarro Earth, we have to settle for taunts that’d be immature in a schoolyard.

We don’t typically notice people out to slaughter us when they’ve been ground into dust first.  That Islamic terror group that was snatching up real estate seems like it’s become sellers.  That’s for the best, as their renovations were uglier than slapping black glass on every vertical surface.

Loser ISIS twerps have been rapidly sent to a place where they’re the only virgins.  It might not seem like ordering the pulverization of freedom’s enemies is a bold move.  But the incumbent’s predecessor thought we could end slaughter of innocents by acting cool.

A tax break is the only modest thing associated with Trump.  Perhaps he’s finally humble about realizing he was handed success.  It’s also possible a typically grandiose president doesn’t want to draw attention to how he enabled liberty by respecting human output.  Different opinions are always welcome.

The president is leading by doing whatever he’s told.  Sure, he was just doing the bidding of establishment RINOs who it turns out are actually into reducing the scope of our crummy government.  But a passive president can be actively useful, especially if he realized he gets credit for what’s foisted.  Thank Bill Clinton’s precedent.  That doesn’t mean appreciating how he treated women as vessels for accepting his prodigious appetites.

It’s remarkable how much an economy can thrive if you just strangle it less forcefully. You’d think it would be easy to sell crummy Monopoly ripoffs by comparison.  How did he get so good at peddling?  It’s tough to argue that buyers aren’t suckers.

Success is hard to notice when the country fiercely debates each word of a tweet. Trump would find the job he hates easier if he learned to express ideas clearly before his 70s.  Fans claiming their dreamboat president is incoherent by plan are helping us cope by inducing laughter.

It’s hard to notice what’s going well when the president flails like a gorilla while signing a good bill.  The confrontational attitude that’s integral to his shtick is the one thing keeping his achievements from being recognized. Trump is a tragic case of a man who gets everything yet can’t be happy with it.  It’s one of this trickster’s more Nixonian aspects. You don’t have to feel bad because someone unlikable chooses tragedy.

Bickering with cable news outlets is part of the president’s constitutional duties.  Treat petty arguments as cool behavior to help our country reach maturity.  Scummy attacks against political rivals used to the sort of thing mob bosses would let let capos address.  All the top-level snipping does is consume oxygen.  It’s no wonder achievements can’t breathe.

Adulation shouldn’t be an issue.  Circumstances have improved, even if only because a community hassler isn’t trying to reorganize society so it runs as efficiently as South Chicago.  But credit is very important to this utterly confident president.  He’s unable to take a deep breath and calmly gesture to a completed project.  The frantic middle fingers reflect enthusiasm.

We should be happy about modest progress.  Instead, we wonder if there’s technology yet allowing us to punch others through their touch screens.  Perpetual crankiness is precisely the opposite of what should occur.  Well, that’s our world.  Bumbling into success still counts.  Let’s argue about it just in case.


Trump in Hand

A person known for simple grace and dignity is probably in charge.  We don’t vote like escaped mental patients, right?  Just in case we’ve had a years-long bout with daftness, we can at least hope the president is doing as told.  That’s just leadership.

Donald Trump going along with whatever Republicans hand him is the only time he’s amicable.  The willingness to stamp anything in arm’s reach makes life easier, and a guy handed a glittery quasi-empire before taking the presidency by accident is obviously interested in taking the easiest path.

Pretend to be leading in a reflection of our time.  The man who’s technically president is fine with the charade as long as he’s allowed to have credit.  He’s gone from boasting about questionable deals to hosting the most inane of reality television to the presidency.  Why should life change for him now?  Don’t disrupt a senior citizen’s routine.

It turns out what’s been called the establishment is semi-conservative.  The definition is a Republican you don’t like.  At least the legislature’s initiative is showing citizens how a bill becomes a law, as we could use the civics lesson.  The executive contributes by going along with what Congress wants.  For him, that’s as close as he’ll get to acting like a leader.

It’s not that our president is only childish: he’s also juvenile.  The prepubescent 71-year-old is very healthily obsessed with projecting strength.  Imagine an actual conservative who knew the issues for a brief respite from our strange and stupid timeline.

As for this demented Earth, we’ve decided that leading on issues is for competent bores.  Forced to operate clandestinely, they pass along needed legislation to a nearby branch.  The man staffing it is too busy giving CNN stooges the exact sort of invective they want to quote in their Twitter bios to pay attention to the process.

The president will draw his name on any sheet slapped in front of him. Reading is for servants.  He could be handed one proclaiming Thursdays to be illegal, and the ink wouldn’t be dry before we somehow got to the weekend already.  He could read much of it if desired.  Researchers who’ve examined his Twitter feed have concluded he knows at least 300 English words.

It’s almost like America elected an amateur who doesn’t have political stances.  Let’s give him through the halfway point of the first term to confirm.  But the malleability offers upside.  The election of an oft-liberal with zero principles turns out to be a good time to get conservative policies into law.  He’s really into taking credit, so let him stamp at the end of the assembly line.  Since the only thing that works is slicing bits off our lumpy government, hand him the cleaver to make it exciting.

Make sure there’s a camera focused on Trump: the law doesn’t count unless it makes the news.  Tell him he’s signing autographs to ample fans, as that would be the best way to get any deregulation left on the agenda.  Print out Obamacare repeal on a red hat so he’ll tag it.

Let our puffy semi-leader pretend he’s running free while yanking his chain.  Be conscientious about motivating the guy who dedicated his life to slapping the family name on every vertical surface he could find.  It’s not to accuse Trump of being some sort of obnoxious showman.  But it may be that all he cares about is the perception.

Is there a spare captain’s hat around?  The little guy could use the projection of authority.  Constitution fans just have to convince him that he’s exercising authority as the branches finally balance.  This presidency is like Dwight steering the ship during the booze cruise.

Congressional Republicans can get anything they want as long as they let a glory hog pretend it was his idea.  Sure, it’s unfair that the man claiming to be at policy’s vanguard never read a Thomas Sowell book or learned who he is.  But he could inadvertently shove policy along.  A guy who’s never heard of the fair tax would be taking credit for it if Congress handed him a vote.  He’s used to skipping out on bills and settling it with lawyers.  Instead of vendors, it’s the nation that gets screwed.

Trump spent his life imitating a CEO, so there’s no reason to quit now.  He wouldn’t do much heavy lifting even if he knew what the job he presently holds entails.  So, get it on his desk now.  Put it on top of the coloring books to be sure he sees it.

Those actually responsible for getting work done will have to accept toiling in obscurity as its own reward.  Who cares about anything as trifling as reality?  I thought he didn’t worry about partisanship. But to Trump, politics consists of being told he’s the best for any results that are swell.  Let him get the glory, as that’s why he ran in the first place.  We’ll get the laws we want.  Don’t let him know we’re pleased.