Digging Through Rock Bottom

I bet the other party can screw up even worse.  The entertainment provided by double dares to fail is the only way to get through the 2010s.  Fall off a cliff while grandstanding about your enemy running over his own torso.  The “Hold my beer” era of politics is keeping urgent care places in business, which is one way to cope with neither faction removing onerous health care commands.  Each side does what it can to help the other, and it’s nice to have bipartisanship in these cranky times.

The best hope is that these atrocious organized grifters posing as parties cancel each other out.  We’re not about to have genuine barriers removed just because we think liberty is a natural right or something.  Our klutzy safety managers are determined to erect new ones.  They blessedly keep placing them at their own feet.  The inability to sell wretched policies stands as the present best hope for prosperity.  Don’t ever claim I’m anything but an optimist.

Like everything else these days, nothing works as planned in political strategy.  The only benefits are inadvertent.  The endlessly regrettable errors of the other side are used to advance an agenda, as long as winning the next time without any accomplishments in the meantime counts.  It’s not precisely stirring.  But everyone outside New York and Boston likes watching the Yankees and Red Sox brawl.  Cheer for blood.

Cults are defined by how many outsiders think members are insane.  Neither collection of zealots inspires as both claim to carve a path through the jungle to paradise. Nobody sane wants a politician to spend what is or could be ours.  But we’re stuck with wannabe messiahs who can sell you perfection.  These particular loathsome office-fillers think they’re leading mankind into a new era.  We’ll enter our new plane of existence right after insurance gets cheaper.

Random outbursts should be more entertaining.  But they all obey the same formula.  Next week, the president will accidentally tweet his cellphone number, and a CNN host will explain why it’s a 25th Amendment violation.

The worst possible options fight to get in your face.  Coincidentally, both suicidal entities want to order you through the day.  Nobody is entitled to tell you what to do, which seems like an odd thing to have to tell Americans.  Even worse, those who are least qualified are the most eager to do it.  They disqualify themselves by claiming the slightly different alternative is akin to mass murder.  Who knew buying your own things could be so dangerous?

The threat of widespread fallout is diminished when both sides misplace their nuclear footballs. This form of assured destruction comes in mutually handing each other tremendous errors to exploit.  Professed Olympians tell you how to win a gold medal when their hands are covered in scars from track spikes as a result of unfortunate shoe-tying accidents.

Four-dimensional chess usually doesn’t involve this much self-punching.  The only thing worse than Trump saying something dumb is the dumber response from Bernie Sanders.  His House partner Maxine Waters helpfully demands impeachment before she reaches the end of each sentence.  Well, nobody knows corruption better.  Henry Hill could’ve explained why the mob is bad. Come up with charges after you start talking on television.  I’m sure you’ll be able to improvise something so wise that Twitter won’t relish lambasting it for the afternoon.

Trump’s only hope are those who treat him like a planet-hating Hitler distracting from his Sergeant Schultz-level of competence.  Imaginary examples have more impact these days.  Media members are acting like they’re the last defense against the Death Star.  Meanwhile, they’re taking selfies with camera flashes that are just enough to distract Luke Skywalker.

If I didn’t know better, I’d think the parties were cooperating. Democrats and Republicans want the same basic stupid things.  They just crave telling you what to do.  But their similar putzing styles make their reciprocity seem coincidental.  And the only thing they hate more than human autonomy is each other.  They’re only messing up how they express it because they’re atrocious at the one thing about which they care.

Like how New Coke was a blunder into profits, the idiotic charges idiots hurl at each other aren’t part of a grand scheme.  But they do preserve power over us.  We’re presently buckling under a big-government agenda with little of Barack Obama’s huger-government initiatives being touched.

Both parties think you need continuous lectures.  In their daily struggles to not fall into open sewers, they show why they can’t even guide themselves.  The next Nazi comparison after the president fights a cable news host should do it.


Making a Basket Case

Pitching an actual solution is hard work.  Public speaking will spook even the sleaziest congressman.  They’re all looking at you while imagining you naked. And that’s before life’s greatest challenge, namely coming up with a good idea.  “Let’s fix this” doesn’t count.

I realize Donald Trump is not a details guy.  But the broad picture doesn’t  look artistic no matter how far we step away from the alleged Monet. Nothing creative is happening.  Improvisation among the untrained leads to discordant sounds, which in political terms means even more debt.

Why wield this power if legislators and puny civilians won’t grovel like their health depended on pleasing the president’s ego?  Trump figured senators from both parties would be kneeling as if Zod visited our puny planet.  Instead, this presidency’s like the Superman movie where the titular character fought Ben Affleck in a Batman costume.  In his honor, nobody acts interested.

The lack of trembling stems from the executive’s unwillingness to think about anything past lunch.  Yes, the burrito has your name on it, but so should a bill you sign after urging Congress to be useful for once.  As a mental note, elect someone next time who has a frigging plan relying on something other than his own awesomeness.  That purported fact is wholly in doubt.

Sean Hannity is as confused as his dreamboat, but getting the most electoral votes is just the start. Every finishing move in Sean Fu involves bragging about ratings, so don’t even bother asking if the segments were good.  Newt Gingrich thought his remarks about why the previous segment were captivating were much more captivating than you do.

Like toadying shrieks on behalf of a clumsy messiah, the presidency is about more than winning elections.  The ideals pushed make a term successful, not the fact that the candidate reached this point. Start by having some.

The purported ability to cure America’s ills through charisma won’t cut it.  Such arrogance lends itself to leftism, as every solution involves mobilizing federal resources.  You’ll get your precious freedom tomorrow.  Continue coping with consecutive presidents who acted like getting there was the ultimate triumph.  For them, it was true.

It’s best to determine why going to the cinema is a good idea, as heading there with no plan is how The Emoji Movie sold so many tickets. Someone actually interested in the presidency should be able to articulate why he wants repeal, what the replacement would be, and why that’s good.  If three whole tasks sound like a lot, recall he volunteered for the job.

I’m all for informing legislators how craven and dim they are.  But I want to yell at the president, as well, even if just to maintain checks and balances. Trump’s role is to persuade, which should be easy considering he brags about how sweet he is at it whenever he’s awake.  Strangely, he hasn’t actually done so since the election as if he was full of it.

Regardless, the importance of explaining why you’re doing something remains paramount.  Don’t presume any wise thing is evident to the public.  After all, most presidential ballots were cast for either the guy who won or Bill Clinton’s ostensible spouse.

Start by no longer electing those who think that’s all there is to it.  Contemporary politicians think they’re living in a romantic movie about how the adorable but vulnerable lady met the rugged yet sensitive male despite her yacht club boyfriend and work helping war orphans in the Eastern Hemisphere.  But most cinematic love stories just illustrate the first day.  The real work starts then.  Make a flick about perseverance despite arguing over bills or whose friends are jerkier, and I’ll be impressed.

A professional president should present sober analysis of what went wrong and a plan to end intoxication.  Alternately, just wing it while waving a cocktail glass about wildly.  Spilled booze is the price we pay for emphasis.  We had to perform a roadside nose-touching test before the new president took the wheel.  This seems like a good time to note he’s a teetotaler whose vodka sold as well as the USFL.

America seems to be working great, what with people caring for themselves through the free exchange of currency and insurance plans.  Well, those sound nice.  Perhaps we should explain the virtues.

The task might be easier if the executive set an example.  This may not be a good time to note there were several rational options available about a year and a half ago.  Naturally, none of those hopefuls ever came close.  Relatively quiet applicants with genuine cases don’t do well.  Some of today’s sophisticated humans think such failures says something about the candidates and not those who refuse to elect them.

Pointing, Giving the Finger

Your idea has to fit on a bumper sticker.  Who has time to read anything longer?  Even this column pushes the limits of tolerance for more reasons than usual.  Stupid times make complex cases tricky.  As a result, blame is going to be simplified.  The only other option is to not stop before getting to the hashtag, and there’s too much Netflix to binge.

One of the consequences of having every device enterprise could provide is blaming them for every ill.  Comfort creates ingrates.  Basic interactions destroy our ways through greed, claim those who think taking money from others is selfless.  It accompanies the wholly wise notion that there are only so many resources, which is as silly as hoping the wind will power more than your dreams.

Curious pronouncements plague the brains of those who think we live in sophisticated times.  Have you heard that socialism is about helping each other?  I read it on Twitter, a site renowned for contemplation which employs a fact-checker for each post.  He gets lots of overtime.

Social media has made it hard to remember what was for breakfast.  At least we can check Facebook for a picture of scrambled eggs.  Similarly, we don’t know what causes anything, which is how liberalism remains popular.

Take subprime mortgages, which illustrate the government trying to extinguish a garbage can fire with napalm. Deciding people who couldn’t afford houses must have them was quite the fad, with the fun result of a global financial meltdown.  At least none of those legally bribed got to stay in the new pads.

It simply must’ve been greedy right-wing bankers exploiting capitalism that caused all the money to evaporate, as it sure couldn’t have been swell intentions.  Government forcing companies to give mortgages to people who couldn’t afford to pay them is just slang for fat executive bonuses.

We’re into the ninth decade of the lazy and unfair charge that laissez-faire policies created the Great Depression.  Wholly unbiased accounts urge you to disregard how quickly the economy bounced back and would’ve continued to do so.  But the government couldn’t stop helping.

Our gentle guardians won’t stand for letting the body heal when the scalpel is so fun to plunge. Presidents of both parties responded to the most infamous financial nadir with incessant meddling, such as, oh, a trade war.  No executive would ever try such a guaranteed way to strangle the economy again, right?

Health care is too important to be treated as a commodity, claim those who screwed it up by treating it otherwise. The modern compassionate American presumes that not only were the uninsured banging on locked emergency room doors but that such cruelty was caused by a free market.  Forget compulsory plans that sure are costly for being so shoddy.

The previous in-between system wasn’t precisely used in Galt’s Gulch. Pre-Obamacare insurance was linked to work thanks to a World War II law that didn’t treat insurance as taxable income.  That rule was in turn a result of wage limits.  In short, onerous restrictions confusingly made the product tough to acquire.  The one constant is that consumers never see prices, which is sure to keep them down, right?

At least everyone’s getting dimmer.  That’s how evolution works.  The incumbent regularly confirms fake news, to use irksome modern parlance.  Washington remains dominated nonstop by liberalism.  A greenhorn president with no ideology other than his urge to rule hasn’t drained the swamp, if you’re shocked.

A Republican administration has been lousy for conservatism.  Forget that every answer he improvises extends federal control.  Donald Trump’s personality is his ideology, and it’s been interpreted as incorrectly as possible. Proclaim that a statist-embodying corporate handout is an example of unrestrained commerce for thorough cognitive dissonance.

Businesses have long sought favors from government to profit at the expense of competitors.  This shouldn’t be the first time you learn Trump’s shiny take on domination through ass-kissing is the precise opposite of liberty.

But the impression has set in cement.  Like Michael Scott’s face, Trump’s mug is inexorably linked to unregulated interaction which he has spent his life rejecting.  If you think the public will separate conservatism and the Republican Party, you’re probably also waiting for him to start acting like a civilized adult.  What kind of fascist decided a napkin should be placed on the lap?

Those who think parties and ideologies go together must recalibrate assumptions.  Republican voters figure their guys are out to obey the Constitution when countless deviations declare otherwise.  Maybe it’s those who think the GOP and liberty are linked like chocolate and peanut butter who are wrong.

The assumption that the Relinquish Faction is for limited government is as accurate as Trump’s declaration he’s worth 11 figures.  Messing with our rights and wallets is the exception, not the rule.

Convincing everyone else there’s a difference will be as tricky as getting them to accept bribing Carrier isn’t free enterprise. Like the presumption that the government handing customers to pet businesses is open commerce, arresting the wrong suspect won’t end crime.

Dreams Achieved With John Reo

John Armand Reo

John Reo was just getting started.  A few months into a great job towering over Earth’s greatest city, he was about to live on the same famously bustling island where he worked.  An exciting life featuring an impressive profession is a sign your 20s are going well.  There was every reason to hope it would continue.

Nothing’s breathtaking like an office over a thousand feet in the sky.  John worked in the paragon of skyscrapers as a bond trader at Cantor Fitzgerald, a job based on the 104th floor of 1 World Trade Center.  The opportunity was what one of his brother-in-laws classified as “his first important job.” He had started in May 2001 and seemed to be on his way to starting a fulfilling career that offered more than a paycheck.

Financial services was a small family business.  He worked with brother-in-law John Swaine, husband of Reo’s sister Suzanne.  The other John helped get him the position. For the time being, they were also housemates.  Reo was living with the couple and their three daughters in a village named Larchmont within Westchester County, which borders the Bronx’s north side. Someone seeking tranquility might choose to work in New York City while returning home to a more relaxed setting with fewer car horns and taverns below dwellings.

But John was on his own and looking for full-time adventure.  The plan was to move across the local border so he didn’t have to do so every day for work.  John had been scheduled to set up life at his own apartment in Manhattan’s East Village that October.   It’s an entirely different kind of village than Larchmont.

The perpetually trendy borough section draws countless visitors and a small fraction of residents who are fortunate enough to find apartments.  It’s a dream of both outsiders and New Yorkers to find such a place for urban adventure, much less be able to swing it.  He was thrilled to have lined up a residence in a vibrant neighborhood of the most exciting city there is.  The home building would have been close to work and countless recreational activities afterward.

There’s more to New York than New York City, as illustrated by John’s migration pattern.  He moved to Westchester County from the Empire State’s Capital District, his birthplace and longtime home.  A Troy native, John graduated from SUNY Albany after spending a year attending Notre Dame. There was no better place to put the economics degree he earned to use than in financial services.

But his bright tomorrows were taken on a historically dark day. John Armand Reo was 28 years old when terrorists murdered him for showing up to his occupation. Our world lost someone with normal, simple, and wonderful interests.  A high school football and lacrosse player liked the Yankees, golfing, and Scrabble. Most importantly, he valued family moments. The youngest of five, John had eight nephews and nieces whom every account notes he found to be a source of unbridled joy.  He took the time to indulge in delightful everyday things so many of us do, or at least should, treasure.

It somehow got worse. The Reo family endured a particularly awful September 11 when so many suffered: aforementioned brother-in-law John was also killed. There are countless ways to frame the atrocity, all of them awful.  The pain his parents endured coping with the death of both a son and son-in-law is as unimaginable as Suzanne losing her husband and brother at once.

John Armand Reo September 11 Memorial 1

His final resting place is where he worked.  John’s grave is at the National September 11 Memorial, with his name appearing on Panel N-40. As a company which sustained the massacre of 658 employees, Cantor Fitzgerald remains singularly linked with the attacks.  Employees’ names on the memorial are arranged according to friendship and relationship in recognition of the firm’s particular devastation. By request, John Leo and John Swaine are adjacent forever.

John Armand Reo September 11 Memorial with brother-in-law use

That’s not the only tribute.  Those seeking to remember John can also find monuments in both his native Troy and in Valhalla, a hamlet located in his adopted home county. Track his days by where he’s commemorated.

The only thing better than multiple places in his honor would be to still have him present.  The potential for so much more was destroyed by evil in a matter of minutes.  But John had already succeeded.  He was working at an amazing job with an unparalleled view while supported by beloved relatives.  Anyone would have felt fortunate under such circumstances.

Barbarity naturally leads to focus on loss.  We know much time was taken away he could have savored in Manhattan and with his family.  Instead, seeing John’s years as a blessing means gratefulness for what he achieved.  Living decently is laudable no matter how limited the timespan.  The story ended decades too soon.  But John blossomed in each chapter.  The process of pursuing dreams defines us, and his fulfillment at so many aspects is something he’ll always have realized.


Debate Over and Under

A political partisan should be able to summarize a foe’s argument.  As a qualification, announcing the debaters are concentrated doses of cosmic evil residing in human shells who feed off the suffering of orphans and grandmas doesn’t count.

The present political environment features no good faith, or any faith, for that matter.  Worship a human to compensate. You’re supposed to adulate your pet candidate unless you want to be branded as disloyal.  There’s eternal bliss inside the compound and taunting outside of it.  You just have to pick the right side.  It’s the one that doesn’t trust you to buy your own provisions.  Wait: that’s both of them.

Sure, you can disagree with conventional wisdom in these lenient times.  It just means that you’re a bigot who never had a rainbow avatar and throws your Whole Foods containers in the trash.  It’s possible to believe a political adversary’s stance is misguided, or perhaps even dumb.  That fact needs to be explained shows just how primitive this era is despite the glowing tablets.  On a related note, they’re replacing fast food cashiers as the minimum wage skyrockets.

We enjoy a sophisticated debate that constantly swings back to the subtle pronouncement that Republicans will kill us all.  They’ll fire up Murderbot 3000 just because they’re mean.  If they believed in their fellow man, they’d follow noted unselfish gentleman Bernie Sanders and help each other by taking from those who are best at earning.  But poor people croaking somehow makes the rich richer.

It never occurs to the tolerant liberal that there are better ways to lower prices than through subsidies from taxing success.  We simply can’t let the wealthy spur the economy by using their currency. What: do you hate hourly workers?

There’s more than one answer.  I thought liberals were the open-minded ones. I even permit their patently incorrect ones.  They shouldn’t dismiss dissent so while endorsing a government that can’t make trains run in charge of our well-being.  Admitting things haven’t gone well since we’ve ceded autonomy would dissipate that anger they constantly feel.

I’ll start first by conceding that Democrats may not be trying to get the other side killed by accusing a slight insurance modification of spurring a holocaust.  Sure, Republican legislators have been threatened and in one case almost assassinated.  But holes in other party members is the price of caring about the underprivileged.

The other side is probably not diabolical. Now that’s how to unite people despite differences.  Even, say, Chuck Schumer may not be a monster out to destroy the nation from the Capitol, although his attraction to reciting slogans into cameras is as distasteful as his reptilian hide.  I’m only suspicious because of how he sees those to the right of him as particularly malicious pond scum.  His forked tongue freaks me out, but I’m used to it.

Please continue to proclaim that making insurers compete for our money makes us German in the worst way.  Greedy businessmen are more efficient now.  Back in olden times, barons healed themselves by sucking the life energy out of the indigent suffering from dropsy, polio, or rheumatism.  Now, they just take your insurance and feel so good about it that they become immune.

It couldn’t be that humans are capable of self-improvement and advancement.  The argument must be dismissed as hate speech, which is cruelly still legal.  People who trust the government should get to pick what words are permitted.  The insolence required to criticize our beloved government hurts feelings.  At least we can try to get anyone fired who dissents for diversity.  Why would anyone want to spend all day at some dumb job, anyway?

But perhaps we shouldn’t dismiss those who want a bit less government as Nazi baby-eaters.  In fact, the entire country is founded on the notion that leaving people alone allows them to prosper.  It’s true!  Read the rulebook. It’s now elitist to suggest that anyone peruses history, but some may be surprised to discover a tendency to limit Washington’s role.  By contrast, infiltration has caused suffering.  All that crumminess resulted from good intentions.  See?

Those who believe in self-reliance hope Bernie’s lunatic fans remain lousy shots.  The next time may not feature as much luck.  Learn self-defense in case of the unfortunate possibility that one encounters someone who votes with rage instead of reason.

It’s not to pick on Sanders just because it’s easier than his life.  Sure, he’s a creep with ideas from the 1930s and a demeanor that’s never been pleasant in any decade.  That’s said, he’s not adorable any more than his his schemes would benefit anyone beside himself.  The accuracy bothers him even more than the subtlety.

As humans with rights written down, Americans are entitled to be dead wrong.  We’re free to believe preposterous notions that have never worked and coincidentally go against our values.  Go ahead and embrace an unpleasant coot endorsing ideas disproven throughout the last century.  Maxine Waters and Elizabeth Warren need suitors, too. Somebody else will cover for you.  It’s really hard to starve in a country that’s supposedly cruel about basic needs.

All subsidizers ask is for the professionally indolent to try not to be ungrateful in nastiness.  I’d be more inclined to respect Bernie if he wasn’t accusing me of mass homicide for thinking people are better off buying insurance without a command.  He wants civility?  He can go first.

Saying, Doing, Nothing

Words guarantee actions.  They better, or we’re in bigger trouble than the Trump sons after commandeering Marine One to moon Chelsea Clinton’s apartment.  Running off one’s mouth is unfortunate at any level.  The president selling poppycock sets a questionable example, as well. Oh: it also makes our country vulnerable.  But empty words only hurt us economically, defensively, and psychologically, so America’s robust otherwise.

Your government says the amazing insurance you have is such a deal that there’s no need to shop around.  It’s not that you have a choice. They love you so much that they won’t let you harm yourself by declining.  Republicans have preserved this ever so kind intention. It’s thus a relief that saying something will occur, as needing some sort of physical treatment would mean our health is critical. Thank every preener who thinks insurance was invented in 2010 and couldn’t be bought more affordably without the command to do so.

Take the man who healed our wounds without ever having a real job. Mundane life would have distracted Barack Obama from his bigger goals, such as ensuing his eponymous health contraption conformed with human nature.  Being this bent out of shape can’t be cured with surgery, or even chiropractic quackery.  But at least he was nice enough to cover everyone affordably.  Presume that’s what happened, as maybe that will provide a smidgen of good health.

Convincing ourselves we’re healing is the ultimate placebo.  Until the odious mandate is genuinely repealed, Washington hopes a bill’s thickness will heal us enough to drive down premiums, as nothing else they’ve tried has worked. Letting us buy from companies desperate for business that isn’t guaranteed failed to cross their minds.  Perhaps telling prices that they’re expected to drop will work, although inanimate concepts are notoriously unwilling to obey laws.

The converse works just as well, although that’s not a compliment. Announce catastrophes are forthcoming whenever it’s suggested our brutish and doltish government should mind its own damn business.

The proclamation that bloodthirsty Republicans are eager to confiscate health care from millions is a popular modern example.  Sure, those affected don’t have the option to decline, might not want to participate, and would have an easier time.  But it won’t matter once they die like the previous generation of innocents did back when George Warmonger Bush was tyrant.

I’ve thought about what it says that freaking socialism polls well in 2017 America.  I have decided that the results are what I’d deem negative.  Everything we have is due to ironically greedy lunatics being banished to Ivy League fringes.  With our material needs largely met, we can bitch about phantom missing items and pretend they could be more easily acquired if we shared one giant wallet. Keep your change in a different pocket.

Socialism is the dangerous new fad hip youngsters indulge in to risk everyone else’s lives.  Whether unabashed Vermont-style or the insidious approach preferred by coastal twerps, contemporary pinkos never learn that a book might not be correct.  I know it should be illegal to publish things that are wrong, but our racist cracker junk-waving Founders didn’t include a mean speech clause in their precious First Amendment.  Central control was an evil idea before it was tried countless times over a century.  It’s good to check if there are examples before endorsement.

Even the words assigned to a politician are presumed to be gospel.  That saves the savior’s voice.  Donald Trump didn’t even bother to utter the words his most zealous disciples claim he uttered in that mellifluous golden tone which is his specialty.  The most dedicated Trumpologists just presumed their dreamboat would be the anti-Obama because they really thought that would be cool.  I agree, but the whole problem here is that actions may not correspond to imaginations.  Trump helped them, which hurts us.  The mouthy mime played along like he’s done since adulthood technically began.

The bipartisan desire to never let you decide anything shows cooperation’s downside.  Ignoring evidence works as well politically as it does personally.  Take a president who claims he’s achieved every dream he’s ever had, which double as yours. The boasting’s volume is to compensate for the thin results. He’s been doing so for as long as he’s gotten New York Post headlines, so why stop now?  Trump has indeed achieved the unbelievable if winning despite his work history and preserving Obama’a legacy count.

Wariness upon hearing a promise is the first thing humans should learn.  We need a guidebook.  The United States Constitution used to suffice.  But the obsolete crinkly paper can’t compete with the fast pace here in Futureworld.  Our glowing pocket screens tell us that not being forced to buy something crummy means a necessity is being wrested away.  Verification is presumably as advanced as technology.  And humans endowed with such neat items can’t be full of it.  There’s no reason to check.

Good Luck With Trumpeachment

Captain America should arrest the president.  Orange Skull seems bad enough that he must’ve committed a high crime.  Specifics are for nerds. The impeachment premise is ambitious, although that doesn’t compensate for its flimsiness.

Self-appointed cops on the White House beat reflexively began an investigation, which is the surest way to solve a crime.  Inventing solutions to nonexistent problems is the same way Washington has made our lives so pleasant.  Rabid amateur prosecutors will look for evidence later.  This courtroom is no wonderland.

Like all their policies, liberals presumed their plan worked.  Checking results is for exclusionary Republicans.  Modern progressives deeply interested in science except for how they don’t present facts to back up their hypotheses.  Why check when the law clearly states everyone gets affordable health care?  You’re the offender if you believe the government could break its own laws.

Similarly, there must be a reason to let Nancy Pelosi lead Trump out of the Oval Office and into a paddy wagon.  Self-styled resisters believe in it strongly enough, and awareness of one’s specialness is the core lesson from the Disney movies that still shape their world views.

The proudest members of the minority party are alienating potential allies in their liberal way.  Conservatives who didn’t vote for Trump precisely because they knew how this term would unfold are always seeking valid opportunities to criticize.

He took the only voting option of those who think government shouldn’t fund dull radio or abortion foundries and made it even more like the other side, which is reason enough to sneer every time he’s on television.  But those literally in another party prove how much they hate dissent by refusing to start an alliance.  They could just say he’s as shady as he is sloppy.  Instead, calling Trump a felon means they’re easier to mock.

The problem with defending Trump’s ejection is that he is scummy.  Our president is Diamond Joe Quimby with less effective threats.  With Simpsons references in mind as always, he’s also reminiscent of the Springfield mayor’s scumbag nephew Freddy who nonetheless was innocent.  Trump didn’t beat up the snooty French waiter.  He’d have to be able to do a chin-up first.

Doubling your money at roulette is great, but why not try to quadruple it? That’s a great way to go home with nothing.  Trump might still own Atlantic City casinos if he had suckered more customers.  Instead, he failed and became president.  Highlight that instead of claiming criminality.

Instead, Democrats never learned from Trump’s countless missteps.  If the ostensible opposition had just stuck with noting he’s disreputable, they could’ve kept him from doing even less than he’s achieved so far.  His own thoughts are the most effective barrier against action, but every bit helps.

But they had to go with overreach.  Scumminess is conflated with maliciousness in a miscalculation that enables the former.  Those who treat monitoring the president’s Twitter account as a full-time job can’t even invent a crime that Trump allegedly committed.  The should be able to imagine something clever in their ample free time.

It’s not like having nothing to back it up will stop them.  These are people who profess a slight decrease in the rate of increase will lead to millions of uninsured indigents dying on cracked sidewalks. When they call even those who almost entirely agree with them evil, what’s calling to remove a president just because he’s an oaf?

Perpetual marchers could do the one thing they’re skilled at and get in the way.  Democrats are best off bitching to stop Trump’s agenda.  The work to throw impediments in the legislative path is amusing because of how often it aligns with theirs.  Laughing at the overlap is the only thing making present politics tolerable.  You’d think liberals would be invested in keeping the clod in office, even if they don’t realize how often they agree with their mortal enemy.  But they wouldn’t be liberals if they thought out why they believed what they do.

The eternally rational dreamers decided he simply had to be removed.  The reason is clear: they don’t like him.  Is that constitutional? That’s something liberals deeply care about, as this useless and counterproductive income redistribution is totally within the letter and spirit of American principles.  The actual bad things he does should be enough.

A bipartisan opportunity to tease Trump when he begs for it has been squandered, so cancel the last chance for a nice time.  I thought we’d share common ground.  I don’t think the First Family is going to invite me to a red hat barbeque.  But the case for booting him is stronger if he does something bootable first.  That puts the entire philosophy of the indignant left in question, so it’ll happen right after the president they despise acts dignified.