Outrage Inside

America’s safe from secession, as those declaring war are unable to do pushups. It’s testament to the politeness of conservatives that their harassers aren’t picking up teeth.  Commit a crime and don’t fear consequences.  That makes it just like everything else in the feckless hoodlums’ lives.  It’s no wonder they believe what they do.

There are also 100 percent fewer shootings in the era of open harassment than promised.  It’s uncanny how liberals always predict exactly what doesn’t happen.  I credit remarkable restraint of the side with all the guns, which again shows a misunderstanding of human nature with blessed consequences.

You’d think those self-righteously getting in the faces of those audacious enough to vote differently would learn outrage is backfiring.  But that implies they’re capable.  Picking up evidence is as foreign to them as manners.  How can they behave while saving the world?

Modern opposition members are concerned they’re not impolite enough.  Their unfortunate strategy means they’re justified in their skulls to be atrocious. Portraying foes as villains is accurate, right?  After all, they are confronting little Eichmanns who soullessly maintain that some money spent by Washington is being wasted.

This isn’t a normal era, claim those who need justification for acting abnormally.  See, those who refuse to join their mouthy throngs are racist homophobes who are also sexists as a third full-time job. Working doesn’t hold much appeal.  Therefore, yelling at Trump staffers in restaurants isn’t merely okay but also a moral imperative.  With such airtight reasoning, it’s no wonder they believe the key to happiness is to make everyone else as miserable.

Anyone claiming that competition raises prices is going to be resistant to reasoning.  Take what they must think in order to ostracize dissent. The enlightened among us open-mindedly claim everyone who disagrees is a bigot, which is why they can be closed-minded to them.  It’s almost a neat trick.  Like everything else fans of massive government believe, it doesn’t hold up to four seconds of scrutiny.  But they’re too busy proclaiming that children will croak if parents are ever allowed to send a little less money to the Treasury.

This isn’t a unique era despite what very special individuals claim.  The same disgusting assaults on dignity would be happening if Scott Walker were sweeping up Obamacare’s ashes.  In fact, the resistors would be even nastier: a grownup president may have already rebuilt much of what was wrecked during the previous two terns, which is a far greater threat than Trump pouring lighter fluid on the charred remains.  Every Republican justifies emergency mode, especially when Hillary’s last holdouts canonize George W. Bush despite claiming he was too rotten for Satan last decade.

Those to Trotsky’s right isn’t simply misguided: they’re diabolical.  Your natural rights and retained paychecks cause leftists to believe Hell is real.  Everyone claiming corpses result from the opposition’s policies conveniently forgets how atrocious their own results are. They’re too busy damning those who dare opine that people should be able to buy their own insurance.

More than anything, I loathe those who compare everything they dislike to Nazis for making me defend Trump.  The prototypical loudmouthed schmuck has no idea what he’s doing, and yet I’m compelled to note he may not be chaining orphans in the sulfur mines under the White House.  The worst part is how liberal he is.  What exactly do they think tariffs are other than a tax by people who know how you should spend your money?

I’m also cranky because missed the chance to be rude.  I never thought to stake out restaurants during Obama’s presidency to find those who were messing up the country.  Patriots were apparently supposed to shriek at Ben Rhodes as he tried to finish his cheesecake for vainly bribing our atomic-minded enemy with our hard-earned cash.  And nobody ruined Kathleen Sebelius’s night at the cinema for the appalling mandate.  We disagreed without being disagreeable, and that’s a missed chance that’ll never come back.

People are screaming about where civility went.  We should agree with their ludicrous policies so we can finally have amity.  They’ll start to behave once nobody disagrees.  Those who engage in sanctimony as a lifestyle have no idea how motivation works.

At least we understand why their policies fail even if they don’t.  They’re too busy stalking restaurants to think out why they’re helping the other side. Keep thinking uncouthness is effective: it makes defeating grabby nonsense much easier.


Arbitrary As Policy

Who’s left?  That’s the only question worth asking since life became a reality competition.  The drama would be more intriguing if it didn’t involve the nation’s future.  Learning which wins out is especially theatrical because our quality of life is at stake.  Donald Trump’s arbitrary nature affects the world, so don’t get too worried or anything.

It’s not as exciting to be on one’s toes constantly as hoped.  My calves are sore, too.  We’ve finally learned there’s value in politicians being predictable, which has only been true for as long as representative democracy has existed.  Sadly, forgetting lessons is a tradition that’s just as old.

Thinking out an issue is for failing losers with no careers.  Don’t you have instincts? The president is powered by them, and we wouldn’t have a trade war with allies without them any more than we’d be sucking up to North Korea. The bizarre tyranny can trade us pain infliction techniques and tips on which rodents are scrumptious.

The only thing worse than relying on reflexes is when they constantly knock over vases.  Trump prides himself on oafishness. Insulting reporters by name while condemning businesses coping with his crushing regulations displays the sort of thin skin that every president should possess.

At least adversaries are guessing as much as we are.  They can only predict that Trump has no idea what he’ll say next.  Befriending Kim is not merely a byproduct of the Hermit Kingdom’s classy design sense.  I just wish our president would treat the crummy Korea like he does Iran.  The mullahs are not as charming as the despotic trust fund boy. The key is to have a taste for tacky hotels.

Our benevolent executive helpfully demonstrates that life is cruel.  He then alleviates our agony to show that the omniscient savior is gracious in his absolute control over existence.  The yokels impressed by his salesman character think he’s as great as he is good.  Success is a matter of convincing enough people that you’ve done it.

The competition to see whether refreshing reduction in interference outweighs higher tariffs would be more exciting were we not participating by command. Which wins out?  The contest is not as exciting as the White House would have you believe.  Workers are hoping it’s the one that lets them keep what’s earned.  Planning ahead would be a lot easier if he didn’t contradict the good stuff he did a few days previously.

The president’s capriciousness is irrelevant because he’s not in control.  Sure, he dominates every moment of the news cycle and the neurons of enemies. But his fiercest leftist critics are the ones with the power.  Before they get excited, they should realize said power is contained to only making him look relatively sane.  Trump can’t fake appearing like a grownup, which is part of his supposed authenticity.  What he can do is provoke even greater lunacy than he exhibits.

Why think of tomorrow when there are enemies to despise today?  Trump has gotten this far miming success without thinking what will happen in five minutes.  All we have is this moment, notes a philosopher so brilliant that he doesn’t seem bright.  The White House aided by foes’ lunacy, as they prove consistency can be overrated.

Mocking those driven to madness isn’t itself sanity.  The president stumbled his way into fortune in a way that makes fate look like a cruel bastard.  But that’s presently good for us.  The only thing worse than a Trump presidency would be a Trump-loather’s presidency.

We watch a thrilling competition between a president who doesn’t know what he’ll say next and rabid critics who know they’ll despise whatever it is.  Disturbing randomness is paired against raging predictability in a competition for which is less painful.  That’s not a super prize.

Freaking out works as long as you’re a saboteur.  The best case for Republicans is that the Wheel of Trump’s inconsistent rules still make for a better game show than That’s Racist or Who’s the Nazi? Pretend we’re competing for prizes to distract from just how twisted typical comparisons have become.  That’s just what a Gestapo agent would say.

Anyone who wanted politics to be exciting deserves the curse.  Everyone else suffers along.  We yearn for the dull steadiness of a commitment to liberty.  A boring political environment means we’re not being bothered, so dream of that.  For now, we have to hope that he lucks out, as that presently also means we luck out.  It’d be nice to feel as blessed as Trump for once.

Entitled to Poverty

We’re financially doomed.  I’m sorry to ruin your lunch, but we’ll be out of grocery money by dinner.  Indescribable debt is especially jarring to those who thought we were getting richer.  The unfathomable number spinning upward does not mean that the jackpot is getting bigger, as there’s a big minus in front of it.  Remember middle school math?  That cruel dash still means the same thing.

The trouble with entitlements lies in the word.  Thinking we deserve something is a sure way to guarantee financial security.  Just make sure you get yours and everything will be fine.  Swing those elbows and wear cleats.

But we’re not just loafing until checks arrive, which makes it totally different except for how the numbers frighteningly don’t crunch any differently.  Listen to boomers plead that their handouts are different because they paid in.  Demanding separate checks is a sweet way for kids to look at our world.  It’s important to maintain innocence right up until a painful death.

You’d think the guy who says he doesn’t care who he offends would take on a crisis.  You may also think Donald Trump made Atlantic City and the USFL thrive.  Oh, and the greatest businessman ever should grasp that spending more than you take in is a generally poor way to keep an enterprise going.  But checking the bottom line is for myopic nerds who don’t have the sprawling vision to slap their names on black glass.

Our financial security is ruining us.  It’s generally understood that this constitutes poor planning.  Ruing that cruel irony won’t make your pension cover enough Eggo waffles to feel full. America’s going to default all so we can get a pittance.  I don’t literally mean “we,” as the money’s running out by this sentence’s end.

Washington, D.C. is the home of hundreds of millions of lockboxes.  Request a special Treasury tram tour when you’re in town to see yours.  Bring the key you were mailed at the start of your working career!  Don’t fret if you misplaced it, as the locks are all the same.

It’s so nice of your self-appointed advisors to invest the money by not investing it.  You’ll be heartened to learn that everything confiscated from you was used to buy stupid stuff instead of earning interest.

Just do your part to balance the books.  Take money from that pile, not this one.  Now you’ve ensured that bankruptcy is averted.  Does that work?  If not, it’d be better to invest in Buried Mason Jar Credit Union.  Dig far enough out in the swamp and nobody will find your savings.  There’s no place in our capital that can boast the same depth.

I can’t think of a more telling example of federal ineptitude than our collective retirement plan croaking.  It’s almost impressive how disastrous the outcome is.  Taking our money by force and turning it into much less should be the ultimate example.  Instead, everyone demands a share.  It’s not fair if someone else gets a pizza slice first.  We’ll never run out of dough.

Dreamers imagine a world where you’re not taxed for as long as you earn so you may someday get a pittance that’s also going to make the government tilt.  There’s nothing utopian about taking for our benefit.  But don’t tell that to anyone conditioned to expect a cut.

Our nation’s entire economic health hinges on politicians being good with money.  It’s true in the same sense Ben Affleck defined Batman.  The one thing humans should have learned is that government does to our currency the same thing as Las Vegas without the joy of gambling, carousing, or volunteering to waste it.  And it’s possible to win more.

Forget taking a few hours of each week’s earnings and investing as you wish.  You’d have better luck playing roulette, as you’re only going to lose three bucks for every 38 wagered.  Those who ensure we face pecuniary catastrophe don’t trust you.  Their best excuse is blaming utter failure on lack of caring.  But I’m pretty sure they’d turn their own paychecks into magic dirt investments.

Your government invested your money in itself, which is to say it’s evaporating faster than my chances of Kate Upton divorcing that jerk baseball player.  We can avoid unfathomable insolvency if our money is treated respectfully.  Does that sound like Washington?  Only huffers and liberals are demented enough to think our leaders have either the motivation or capacity to turn a profit. Retirement will be comfortable as long as shopkeepers take pained looks as payment.

That’s Not Fair!

Whining about unfairness is an odd hobby for the least deserving man to have the world’s most power.  Public tantrums are unbecoming for toddlers in supermarkets and the president at rallies.  The willingness to flail limbs upon not getting what one wants is especially galling for self-professed tough talkers. You’re not supposed to snip back.

We’re in for an identity crisis when throwing rocks in response to cruel taunts is considered brave. There’s a difference between standing up for yourself and standing above it all.  Donald Trump seems like the type who’s flipped over many board games. He hasn’t done so for his own, since nobody has ever taken a copy out of the box.  It’s really cruel how customers bought fun things instead of his dull offering, but at least it explains his hostility toward open competition.

Trade deficits mean we’re buying more stuff, which is the greatest American hobby other than when we shot down the metric road signs.  Sure, some other countries are mean and slap onerous rates on our stuff.  But that just means they’re left out of getting our fantastic products, so they’re only hurting themselves.

The real challenge is to thrive despite circumstances.  Life is going to suck because that’s what it does according to the definition written by any reasonable person who’s experienced it. Politicians make it worse by trying to make it better.  The purported outsider should’ve understood that better than anyone.  But he’s just another guy promising to use federal power to end pain and make your children less snide.

If you’d really like to tick off Trump, compare him to his predecessor. Claiming he’s for what he defines as fair trade sounds like something Barack Obama would say, so make sure to point that out to the incumbent’s fans to watch them fume.

Only a true visionary would miss how other countries are going to retaliate.  Those who think they can manage conditions make them spin out of control.  Condemn a particular retailer for a sinister use of the most authority imaginable.

Fighting a trade war for the sake of it emboldens those who incorrectly classify themselves as high-minded.  A president obsessed with confirming alpha status not only starts a fight without reason but finds a way to blow it.  The futility is almost poetic.  Commerce now feels like a poignant children’s movie about a pointless conflict. Not enough people learned fundamental lessons at age eight.

The press hurt the president’s feelings.  Bullies cruelly never consider a young man’s fragile self-esteem.  The Iran-Iraq War of bitchy slap fights isn’t as fun to watch as expected.  Blame a president who isn’t as good at pugilism as advertised.

Sometimes, a difference of opinion should prompt a fellow to display skill at not fighting.  In ancient times last decade, some classy gents wouldn’t sink to brawl. A president could float above the mud fight.  He don’t need to respond to everything.  That’s the internet’s first lesson. Of course, Trump didn’t learn it.  Earth’s most powerful man isn’t going to refrain from responding to some insult.

Strength is the best way to avoid battles. Other countries are not paying their share for defending themselves.  But someone has to be the grownup.  Why do we protect the world?  It’s because we know we’ll do it.  America could stop sticking bayonets in the ribs of unsavory villains.  Then we’d have to clean up the ensuing world war.  Spot character by who doesn’t kvetch about adulting.

Existence is tough because someone else set the rules.  Ice cream causes weight gain and money has to be earned no matter how we try to engineer shortcuts. The one guaranteed way to exacerbate stupid life on this rotten planet is to gripe as if it’ll help.

Blame leadership for petulant yapping’s troubling prevalence.  It’s almost cure how sweet kids thought this was the president who didn’t fear anything. He just makes it seem like moaning is a respectable way of coping, which is the precise example our young people need.

Of all people, the president is supposed to accept that this world is not going to be pleasant. That doesn’t mean to cease attempts at amelioration, no matter how appealing crabbiness seems.  All we can do is strive to make our time as comfortable as possible.  Pretending the king moaner is going to fix it all just creates greater frustration.  Pouting about a bumpy road is only going to make the rattling more unpleasant, and that’s the last thing this jarred nation needs.  Whining is sure to make hating each other more fun.

Reversal Misfortune

Stop mid-fall to ensure jumping off a bridge doesn’t hurt too much.  It’s really the ending that gets you.  Similarly clear thinking applies to politics, especially considering how many cement bags the last president insisted would make us fly.

Reversing what Barack Obama did is Donald Trump at his best, as he can just stop doing stupid things that the last guy started.  The present staffer should thank his predecessor for making life so easy.  That last slacker inadvertently offered even more help than Hillary Clinton deciding she deserved to be president.

Just say no to whatever’s suggested for true independence.  Notorious deep thinker Trump offers approximately zero initiatives of his own.  Saying the one he replaced sucked doesn’t take much inspiration or innovation.  But ranting about the mess left by the night shift happens to be the truest thing he says.

The lack of initiative is an alarming thing for a president to possess. But foregoing foresight is the only thing keeping us from coping with Trump’s effects, so be thankful for his limitations.

Encourage Trump to be active only when he’s bitching about how much the earlier staffer screwed up the levers.  That regrettable hire was bad enough that simply reducing his legacy counts as an accomplishment.

The 44th president never realized that bribery only makes the cash recipient more likely to misbehave.  The party that refuses to accept incentives exist is unsurprisingly surprised.  Next, they’ll wonder why making everyone buy insurance didn’t increase quality.

Even stranger, paying a global supervillain turns out to be a poor way to ensure peace.  The Iran deal embodies thinking bad guys are good deep down if only we weren’t such jerks.  Those who think the choice is between paying a wayward nation for friendship or atomic annihilation are even angrier than before on account of being disproven.  Simply noting such insanity constitutes a bad idea makes Trump almost look competent, so thank the mullahs for his re-election contribution.

Have you thought of taking your hand off the boiling pot?  Being less bad is the greatest victory we can achieve in this rather imperfect world.  Take how a slight reduction in preposterous taxes inspired rejoicing from people who like money.  The thought of government not wasting what’s earned horrifies the most recent presidential retiree, largely because Americans are realizing it’s fun to spend one’s own checks.

Sure, a president who’s all about vandalism can’t even manage to spray-paint over every hideous mural.  Trump hasn’t defaced everything that’s begging to be vandalized.  Most lamentably, Obamacare’s still semi-around in the embodiment of preposterously bankrupting entitlements being treated as permanent.

The incumbent claims to be as fearless as he is effective, which makes it odd that he didn’t pressure Congress to have the bill ready to be inked.  Being forced to buy crummy insurance should’ve been the easiest accomplishment of the Trump president, which is still weird to type.  I blame the establishment swamp.

Stop hitting yourself in the head with a hammer and the dent will still be there.  Making it less deep is only a partial victory, as less pain isn’t that much of a triumph.  There’s only so much improvement that can come from not inflicting pain anymore.

Cult membership is the worst thing for cult leaders.  Who’s going to be held accountable while being worshiped?  So many people trust whoever they voted for wholeheartedly that they don’t even check the results. North Korea must have given up nukes by now.  The most inspirational thing a president can do is not bother us.  Since that never happens, at least reverse the last one’s infiltrations.

Throw out the pill bottles that the mental patient tampered with to make life safer.  They were supposed to cure our illnesses.  Trying to self-diagnose just made us puke.  Obama made life so easy for the current president just like Hillary did by running.  A longtime Democrat being aided by the same offers a reminder that some favors embody true selflessness.

Trump checks the label before deciding to hate something.  He might agree deep down but curse that other party publicly for the sole reason that they’re affiliated with the other tribe.  That makes him an example, sadly.  Note that tariffs are now the cool way to patriotically defend America.

It’s not that Trump doesn’t want to interdict on your life.  And he might not even condemn what happened last term if the name was removed. But he does think everyone else sucks at the job, which means kicking over the sand castle already built.

Gratitude is the president’s least visible trait.  But Trump should be thankful the previous employee was so crummy at the job.  Of course, the man we’re still gobsmacked is in charge wouldn’t be here without the napalmed tire fire that came before.  Extinguishing a blaze is commendable no matter the firefighter’s motives.  Mere disagreement between megalomaniacal personalities is the only thing keeping us from sinking deeper into the rut.  Obama was so bad that Trump won.

The Party’s Over

The Walking Dead fans complain the show’s great except for the parts where they yap while standing there.  It’s less frustrating after realizing static lousiness is part of the show.  As for other depressingly droning plots, take the horrid policies associated with Republicans despite their purported dedication to liberty.  The deviation is especially evident with longtime Democrat Donald Trump displaying the consistency of roulette wheels that used to spin in his now-shuttered casinos.

How are we supposed to be stereotypical cruel tycoons if we’re punished for commerce?  Good luck getting rich when federal policy demands purchasing from fellow citizens, who apparently need special protection.  Moaning how the Party of Quayle never actually limits government is futile enough to be quaint.  Exceptions become rules if they’re popular enough, or at least stupidly stubborn.

Why are you disloyal to America?  Buying items made in other countries makes the Statue of Liberty cry, Ivan.  Tariffs are for your own good to prevent pecuniary treason.  The fine for choosing to shop from a nice catalog mailed to you from abroad is punishment for buying what you’d like from where and who you’d like.

Your vote demonstrates which execrable infiltrations into your life you prefer.  You get a whole range of two.  Both are stupid enough that they couldn’t get into that online college with the commercials that gives you a tablet with your check.

Tariffs are the cool new tax.  The notion that costs aren’t passed along to consumers is as foolish as thinking Washington is capable of providing sweet insurance through efficient capital management.  Are you still enjoying Obamacare?  Perhaps it’s a different style of mandatory monopoly that inspires you to vote.  Everyone’s now a sucker for getting bossed around while being charged an hourly rate. The acrimonious debate is about just what kind of exhausting oppression we prefer.  It depends on which messianic executive you like.

Believing a trade war can be won is like thinking Michelle Wolf is going to be funny.  Tariffs are to life as LeBron James is to Cleveland loyalty.  Inflicting them is silliest liberal policy of intervention to control consumers.  Now, it’s a Republican mainstay.  Casual voters think punishing sneaky foreigners for wanting to sell us junk embodies laissez-faire economics.  Thank a president trying to mimic the trappings of wealth in 1987.

Trump believes in open commerce aside from the open and commerce parts. The Republican precedent for messing with trade is lamentably as ingrained as their unwillingness to strangle government.  Making customers pay to protect America against competition is a tradition that dates back to Herbert Hoover, the emblematic Republican doofus. It’s hard to claim onerous levies not intrinsic to the faction when they date back to when complex cocktails weren’t just a hipster affectation.

Words don’t mean anything, you stupid jerk.  See?  That wasn’t insulting. It’s like how “bad” is “good,” at least according to several 1980s rap songs. Treating Republican as a synonym for conservative is as straightforward as it is incorrect.  We get the crummy results along with the wrong policies demonized, which is why present life feels like the best of both worlds.

It’s not that contemporary politics are renowned for subtlety.  But getting it wrong is the new standard.  An economic meltdown prompted by mandating houses be sold to buyers who couldn’t afford them was a failure of free markets, according to the same political junkies who feel limiting trade is part of limited government.

Missing George W. Bush is popular thanks to contrast.  Nostalgia for a family pushed into retirement should not take the form of liberals pretending they miss the guy they charmingly referred to as Hitler McChimpy.  Instead, fondly remembering the president and president’s son revolves around how he was marginally more dedicated to leaving us alone.  Sure, that doesn’t count rampant spending and pointless trade wars.  Some things are sadly routine.

I’m torn.  It’s important to realize that dull predictability by party has a point.  Yet doing the same stupid things over time shouldn’t bring comfort.  How about broad principles applied to specific issues based on observed results?  Or, decide what to think based on what’s chafing Brian Kilmeade’s chalupa that morning.  The president’s only steadfast beliefs have been a commitment to black glass, plastic chassis, and condemning other nations for selling things to us.  The wild card isn’t always exciting to play.

Politics are simple, although not in the sense commonly understood.  Decide who you want bossing you around.  The public traditionally thinks Democrats are for increased federal tinkering while Republicans oppose.  The standards are half-right.  They’re isn’t a party in government for limiting it if that knowledge makes life easier.  The only upside to nonstop meddling is how liberals now condemn their own beliefs.  Seeing who hates financial interdiction is the only benefit of a rather large involuntary expense.

Example Pending

It’s sure reassuring how we can define our world with a single incident. One example is all it takes.  You used to at least need three for a trend story.  Thankfully, social media has made judgment instantaneous.  I would advise against letting any individual define us, especially if that individual is Donald Trump.  But it’s just easier to be branded and bitch about fate.

Who knew how few nasty idiots it takes to condemn half the country?  I’m starting to suspect some people unfairly characterize anyone who disagrees with liberal doctrine as evidence Adolf’s DNA mutated and found its way into Red State water reservoirs.  Those hateful hypocritical rednecks are so eager to stereotype.

Take how a handful of tiki torch statist losers became the embodiment of limited government.  Or hyperventilate about whichever moment where some hateful person scolded an innocent victim that’s dominating your feed today.  And an uncouth remark in a distant doofus’s congressional ad will of course represent an entire party, so brace for your assignment.

Crime shouldn’t claim new victims, either.  School shootings can be made worse if they’re not treated as individual incidents.  Those new to human nature are fond of claiming a gun law is worthwhile if it saves one life.  Forget how disarming the innocent will only cost them: changing the way we live because of a single atrocity by a lone monster is not going to make anyone feel safer.

There’s nothing inspirational like an ideology based in confiscating rights on a widespread basis while panicking schoolchildren in every classroom.  The refusal to do the math and note such attacks remain blessedly rare won’t make children safer.  But it will make adults self-righteous, and that’s a stronger fuel than granola.

Endure a rotten moment and we’re suddenly living through a lousy Margaret Atwood book. Every contained moment becomes fodder for think pieces claiming society is doomed.  It’s true, but not for the reasons CNN claims. For one, make sure to note the dates, as the inability to check simple facts is characteristic of frothing Trump-era mobs. Self-appointed cops don’t have the upper-body strength to lift pitchforks.  Sadly, modern telephones way much less.

It’s natural to look for broader points.  Take how a phone camera capturing one awful person screaming racial invective is used as a symbol of the era.  It’s natural to look for patterns, as that’s what keeps us from grabbing delicious cheese off mousetraps. But sometimes, it’s just that one unpleasant human ruining the space in which the nasty words echo. Don’t let seeing it on video drag you down from afar.

Extrapolation leads to torment if you can’t add.  Contemporary biases often lead one to conclude a single horse’s ass yelling at a deli employee embodies Trump’s America.  Pretend that life hasn’t always been full of jerks if it makes coping with the present easier.  The same raging dolts who’ve always sullied our days have somehow been emboldened by whoever won the presidency.  Blame an election’s results for everyday rudeness to make life feel even more pointless.

This isn’t happening constantly.  The news is nothing more than exceptions to everyday life, so be glad it’s always dreadful.  Social media is nothing more than absorbing current events constantly, which is easy to remember the one nasty person having a bad day and not the 50 quietly polite people also encountered.  That habit makes retail jobs even more miserable.  Getting attention by throwing a tantrum is a great life lesson.  I wonder if it ever happens online.

It should be a relief how an unpleasant viral confrontation doesn’t mean America’s soul is rotten.  Contained evil is a blessing no matter how much some people perversely hope it’s contagious.

Hatefulness isn’t widespread despite clickbait.  A contained engagement fails to represent a trend.  It’s just one nasty person righteously condemned throughout your Facebook feed.  That should make humans happier.  But they’re too busy looking for shaky reasons to stay outraged.  I suppose having to pretend circumstances are awful is a sign they’re pretty good.

Life isn’t easy, and neither should be trying to figure it out.  The lazy attempt to apply a single crummy story to society at large is just another fun byproduct of the information age making everyone experts. Read most of the headline to be a true authority.  Who wants things to be harder?  Both journalists and your more sanctimonious pals would have to try without easy examples.  If you desire subtlety, shut up.