Capitalize This

Some issues have only one side.  No, the joy of being forced to buy crummy insurance doesn’t count.  In fact, the opposite is the only thing that’ll help fix allegedly getting everything for a bargain.  The free market is not a competing system.  People are either allowed to handshake with each other or are being kicked around.  All you can do is place restrictions upon negotiation. Bernie Sanders can call it sharing, but he’s really just rifling through your wallet.

Capitalism is another name for interaction.  Offer a service or product to an employer or customer for a cynical attempt to destroy your fellow man.  Or maybe it’s just nice.  That depends on how much resentment the person you ask contains.  Avoid those who classify open trade as diabolical destruction of fellow humans and our precious planet.  The frowners regrettably attempt to compensate by treating socialism as an alternative, which is as bogus as thinking the same government that can’t deliver your packages should be the sole entity addressing our needs.

Tell companies that their task is to do more than peddle to get them to pedal away.  People who’ve run nothing more than their mouths demand that the actually constructive compensate at a certain rate, offer products as if having them were rights, and recognize that employing people is their primary goal.  Good jobs with benefits result from doing something useful.  Start backward and the assembly line does the same. Keeping millions from not starving is a nice byproduct of buying things from each other.

Actual progress comes from buying what you’d like.  There’s no better way to keep people employed.  So, let’s keep telling businesses that they must, say, give to the newest hires for manning cash registers. Private enterprise is to be docked for the crime of paying people to perform tasks.  We’re trying our best to keep humans from dealing with each other as both parties agree.  Now, every side is equally miserable.  It’s a type of fairness.

A purring economy simply cannot be tolerated.  Some are earning more than others, you see, and there’s no greater injustice than being compensated based on value.  An enlightened nation ensures everyone is equally poor so citizens share common ground.

The economic cycle is quite delicate, at least if politicians decide they’re the ones who make money.  Government restrictions make prosperity trickier, so the solution is naturally more government restrictions.  Well, we have to help victims of the first round.

We’re only one party away from having a defender of financial liberty.  I’m unsure of the point of having sides if both like the same dumb things.  The asylums with candidates are so angry at each other because their beliefs are essentially identical.  Other than spending and decisions, individuals are in control.

At least the contempt is equal.  Nobody believes anything from either party, which means a monolithic desire to crush our spirit has created healthy skepticism.  Donald Trump loathes trade like it criticized him in a tweet.  Knowing his fondness for personally beneficial restrictions while bitching about unfairness may actually encourage Americans to pursue uninhibited finances.  Like everything else the incumbent does, the benefits are inadvertent.

Kvetching is a sign life is comfortable.  Actually despondent people can’t muster the energy to incessantly snarl.  Turn to your president for inspiration.  Free markets improve human life to the point that ingrates can complain about them.

You know something is working well when it’s not even noticed.  The cop who keeps crime from happening gets called oppressive until he’s not patrolling the corner, upon which it’s discovered that real persecution comes in having your stuff stolen.  The government prefers its monopoly.

Restrictions on trade make acquiring money, jobs, and things tougher.  Trying to inhibit natural gaps is precisely what widens them.  Dragging cow carcasses during footraces ensures that nobody hurts feelings by finishing more quickly than the others.

Competition is loathed because it requires effort.  You have to clock in to get a check?  Nobody makes me do that on the couch.  Bosses who hired you to do things cruelly won’t fund idling.  It’s not like you can find an outpost that will attract talent by offering maternity leave: there has to be a law.

A guarantee is itself the thing that makes obtaining decent things tough.  But competition is discouraged in any form.  Facing others creates tension, and that seems unhealthy.  Presuming Washington knows how to profit will undoubtedly make us stout.  Who knows profiting like the behemoth that doesn’t have to bother?


Remember In Name Only

Politics is about inspiring people.  It’s just that it inspires dashing away in disgust.  Reflexive sliming is easier than positivity, although it doesn’t quite create the same growth.

Our present climate encourages the brightest youngsters to pursue public service careers. Actually, they’re dissuaded by being called horrible ugly fat monsters by anyone who disagrees.  While I’d like the next generation to pursue something useful instead of politics, I wish it happened for reasons other than being made to feel like trash for the crime of being prominent.

The unpleasant acronym RINO has always been a term for describing a Republican the speaker dislikes. But it doesn’t even sort-of reflect a commitment to principles unless slavish devotion to a personality counts. Ideally, the term used to mean acting like a filthy liberal. Our times don’t allow for even partial accuracy. The throughly twisted term now means criticizing the president who often acts like a Democrat. Absurdity is the only thing that amuses exiles as dissenter cope with the pain of being branded.  A bucket of water only offers so much cooling.

What’s up with all this independence?  Insolent citizens have the nerve to suggest present life is unprincipled.  In fact, suggesting such violates our greatest principle, namely that Donald Trump is right about everything.  Ignore how he’s still a political novice after a year in office and 70 years before that of bragging to compensate for thin accomplishments.  Support him or be against America.  These are subtle times.

There is only one Republican belief now.  That makes it easy to remember. Fit everything you hold dear in a tweet.  If you think abandoning nearly everything is wise, you’ll love the sole remaining item’s topic.  It has to do with the infallibility of a leader who assures us he’s always correct.

A party that once humored liberty enthusiasts now requires utter devotion for membership.  The irony is just getting started.  The Party of Coolidge is now about loyalty to a man in power.  Now that’s true conservatism.  Fealty’s just getting started.  An erstwhile constitutional affiliate demands that we not just obeys the government but a particular person serving in ti. You may be disappointed by who it is.

Caring about a political party is like getting excited about the pizza box. The Republican contraption was nothing more than a means to an end. A largely useless syndicate was semi-convenient vessel for trying to at least reduce the rate of the tumor’s growth.  It’s become like smoking during an X-ray.

I didn’t even like the GOP when they pretended to find contenders who hated the state as much as I do sobriety.  Now, I can’t even bother to feel contempt.  The preference for pretending Trump’s cheap insults are amusing gospel makes me look at it with detachment.  It feels weird that I used to be interested.  I feel the same way about pro wrestling.  Roddy Piper is not walking into the ring.

A man who’s spent precisely zero seconds of his life thinking out political philosophy is now a beacon of civic wisdom.  The Think Big and Kick Ass guy is the one defining what the party represents.  He doesn’t know what it is when he starts a sentence but will feel confident by the period.

The only thing worse than letting one person define what a party embodies is this person.  Our most cherished principle is thinking everyone who disagrees sucks.  Worse, the Atlantic City ruiner doesn’t even know what he finds agreeable.  America is now about despising the others.  The others are those we despise.  Being defined by who hates us really makes us strong characters.

Republicans should’ve been about making themselves obsolete.  Reducing government’s role would mean we’d have to care far less about stupid elections. They found a different way to make themselves useless.

A party traditionally affiliated with screwing up easy victories pulled off the seemingly impossible feat of irrelevance through success. That’s what happens when the only important thing is winning. Republicans found that not caring about anything could beat Hillary Clinton, and I’m certain such a strategy will never stop working.

Mock the losers who can’t get enough votes because they care about policies pertaining to individual freedom.  There aren’t going to be many winners left soon, including those still boasting about electoral votes.  It’s easier than doing anything since.

Today’s calm leader holds power for the sole purpose of mocking those out of it.  Trump likes Trump likers.  Anyone else is a disloyal American. The president is at the top, and what could be more unpatriotic than criticizing him?  Belittle those who disagree.  Find out what they were saying at a later time if convenient.

Governing Least

I want a leader who forgets about me.  It’s not an insult, or at least not taken as one.  Feel free to forget I exist, as I’ll fill time as long as I have Netflix and Safari.  Not changing anything is the goal of any politician.  Specifically, it’s my goal.  I don’t care if the lack of intervention is by accident of ineptitude.  For once, the ends justify the means.  Begin by forgetting to harass.

Donald Trump may be conservative by accident.  It’s safe to say he’s never pondered what natural rights are or believed the government should be as deprived of income as his Atlantic City casinos. Yet he may oaf his way into not inflicting more dumb government on us.  Sure, failing to inflict his personality by law wasn’t his dream, as it didn’t involve an Eastern European model and gold spray paint. But why would he stop lucking into everything now?

Like Wil Wheaton arguing with Keith Olbermann, there are some battles you hope nobody wins.  A stalemate is the best hope for limiting federal power.  The interest in actually reverting to liberty is as distant as VHS tapes, so forget enjoying Mr. Mom from the Video Hut.  Accept a LaserDisc-style impasse as the best option.

There are no adults, so look for the kid who’s shrieking the least.  The president is in his eighth decade of tantrums and still looks dignified compared to his foes kicking the shins of babysitters.  Trump could announce Democrats are the best thing since black glass, and members would disagree.  Childishness is baked in.

The palpable antagonism is just one reason why a purportedly renowned dealmaker gets nothing done.  But at least a lack of consensus means no further invasions into the lives of adults from infants who never stop demanding.

Unfortunately, getting nothing done also means not reversing decades of rot.  It takes nerve to confront addiction, and we got the one guy who vowed not to touch the crack meth that is entitlements. Keeping people hooked on entitlements until they’re corpses may not seem conservative.  But limited government is now whatever Sarah Huckabee Sanders claims it is.

Fixing the catastrophes about to consume us is a moot point, as our ever-dignified president has approximately zero ability to gently massage tense issues.  Remember how some suddenly pretended a lack of diplomacy was a virtue?  The mouthy hopeful claimed he had nothing to lose, what with his willingness to make enemies.  But bullying vendors to get towers of tackiness erected differs from reducing the quantity of wealth the government wastes on our behalf.

Voters should perhaps someday try a leader with an agenda greater than contempt for anyone who’s teased his ample flaws.  Ordering Americans around is even more fun than slacking his way through one of his oh so classy golf courses.  It’s way more fun than loathing the federal behemoth and having a plan for vanquishing it.  How would that benefit him personally?

The best hope with a thorough amateur in the White House is to not make anything worse.  That’s fine unless things are already crummy.  I vaguely remember him bellowing it was imperative he won because everything sucked and only he could reverse the setting to blow.

But this is a president who forgot what he tweeted at breakfast.  You’d have to sift through a DVR recording of Fox & Friends to learn, and it’s too brutal to ask anyone even if fast-forwarding means it’ll take under three hours.  The president said himself that everything was flaming garbage.  The extinguishing starts tomorrow just like the fire chief promised.

Don’t worry if you feared the inadvertent truce created too much tension, as he’s shown a knack for giving into whatever the opposition wants. It’s not that he gets hoodwinked, at least every time: there are plenty of occasions where the rudderless executive genuinely believes federal overreach will help our lives, as long as he’s the one stretching his stubs.  He’ll have plenty of chances to add debt without value.

There’s quite the gap between claiming he could lift the keg and the ensuing hernia.  But those who projected all their dreams on the purported strongman ache the most.  He forgot to make them come true.  You can’t break principles if you never had any.  Bill Clinton confirmed the precedent with his wedding ring.

The incumbent’s history of bullplopping isn’t even original.  Trump is just like a politician, aside from deftness at it.  Straightforward fibbing is refreshing these days, at least according to those who think calling someone a loser is entertaining.

The hope remains that he gets nothing done.  It’s feasible if you want to remain an optimist.  We just have to discourage the smirking executive’s instinct to prove he’s amazing by reaching over and finishing our woodworking project for us.  The glue in his hair isn’t impressing foreign dignitaries.

The problem with the generally noble urge to resist smug tinkering is how much claptrap is already in place.  Trump was supposed to be a revolutionary president who bent the world to his will.  It’s at least so to those who fell for it, which should bring them ceaseless shame.  We instead got a reactionary who won’t touch federal programs more pointless than a vodka peddled by a guy who doesn’t drink. Trump is conservative in the wrong sense, name in a general refusal to change anything.  The impossibly tacky ’80s decorating sense is only the start.

Just As Crummy

Everyone else must be as miserable as you.  How else would they get through the day?  Positivity would crush the spirit.  Hatred better be universal, or circumstances will feel even more despondent. Projection is today’s most lucrative industry. Sellers will never run out of customers.  Take it from angry liberals who feel that’s the default setting.  I thought they were supposed to be good at empathy.

We’ve tracked down the gropers picking which women are successful by how much they’re violated.  Liberals may be surprised perpetrators are not in Red States.  Harvey Weinstein’s Hollywood is ground zero in the War on Women.  And you thought it was about ladies getting paid less for the crime of working in less lucrative industries.

Not respecting the fairer gender for their talents is what scumbag men have supposedly doing since time’s dawn.  But that’s just in scripts.  Mad Men was about how the eponymous gender treated women like garbage, and it turned out to be nothing more than one man’s autobiography. Can you believe that patriarchal culture persists?  It just depends on the ZIP code.

At least we know why so many movies treat every man as a scumbag.  It’s nice for the industry to feature such despicable characters, as extreme archetypes make drama more compelling.  They’ll never run out of inspiration.  Meet the bosses to get more script ideas.  Corporate executives are portrayed as villains far more often than, say, Islamic terrorists.  Every rich person is characterized as a grifter for a reason, namely because that’s how producers are.

There’s a reason why the film industry is a liberal hive, as members profit without being useful.  Anyone coasting to wealth naturally thinks it’s the norm.  The standard applies to every guilty penthouse resident.  Rich Democrats view constructive businessmen as the worst thing to happen in a country dedicated to free enterprise. Those in top tax brackets who demand to have more taken away are greedy profiteers without ever creating value.  Every corporate titan is the same, right?

The most famous preachers in the class warfare industry have gotten quite rich telling you how poor you are.  Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren mooched their way to fortunes by claiming those who make fortunes are moochers.  And don’t even get me started on the Clintons. I’ve been going since about 1991 and, like Ben Affleck’s career, I just need it to end.

How are you profiting off bloodshed?  There’s a trick to running successful companies liberals don’t grasp.  Gun owners must be out to destroy everyone who angers them.  They can’t just like putting holes in targets while wanting to protect against bad guys.

Launching all AR-15s into the Sun is a sensible safety plan only opposed by monsters with human shells. They’re loud enough to hurt your precious eardrums and propel aggressive shooties fast enough that it would hurt to be hit by them.  Only murderers would be fans of something so exciting.

Gun control fans think only bad people are armed. Gun control ensures it happens. It can’t be that trying to stop human evil by limiting implement access is both useless and counterproductive: it has to be that NRA members get off on seeing corpses. Good faith really makes the debate enjoyable.

Presume all others are also stammering rageaholics if it makes the day tolerable.  Or maybe everyone else is just dumb.  Thinking nobody else thinks is one way to cope with cognitive dissonance caused by failure of elaborate federal schemes.  But Ezra Klein promised us they’d work.  Theoretical geniuses get so mad that the public refuses to accept how affordable our awesome insurance is.  Cope by viewing those they’re supposedly helping with contempt.

Attributing one’s own negative qualities to actual functioning humans is bipartisan, at least if a longtime Democrat posing as a Republican counts.  A president for whom every critique is a challenge to manhood gets furious at different opinions.  He doesn’t even remember what his were.  But you better agree with them.  Remind him, as well.

A thin-skinned insecure alpha dog is fighting stereotypes.  You’d think the most powerful man on Earth would feel secure enough to skate past challenges.  Instead, Trump comes to a full stop.  He figures everyone wishes they could be as classy in success and informs them of such.  That’s guessing he’s able to place himself in the minds of others, which is generous.  If you were as awesome as him, would you bother?

It’s bad enough for humans to live as meat bags of sadness.  The real tragedy comes in making everyone else suffer for twitchy hostility. I wish there could be a good example of what embodies liberalism like shrieking as soon as blood hits the pavement during a mass murder that a mysterious regulation would have thwarted evil.  They demand laws to control those they figure share an identical utter lack of impulse control.  The remedial kids slow down the rest of the class.  As a result, nobody’s graduating.  You’ll never believe who claims to be honor students.

Bad for Business

Washington is a great company aside from how they take from customers without asking in exchange for jack and squat.  Government treats companies like children treat Santa without the pretense of behaving until Christmas to demand Star Wars action figures.  I want Han Solo because he’s still alive to me.  The president can’t act like a CEO because business is unlike politics.  The latter ruins the former.

Federal executives who’ve treated the government like an enterprise think it’s good at doing things.  Things disagree.  Those who see holding office as a corporate gig think the District is just another commercial option, or in sinister cases a replacement.  Our leaders have no respect for private outposts in the same sense 31 franchises don’t care for Tom Brady. Removing competition will make life efficient, just like cyborgs will clear the Earth of this nagging human problem.

Sellers have to compete.  Tomorrow, I’ll explain how to cross the street safely.  Simple information apparently needs to be emphasized, as some observations are so obvious that people may miss them.  The right to blow cash elsewhere isn’t in the Constitution because it’s already understood.  Electing senators directly has sent a bunch of grandstanding nitwits to the upper chamber, so replace that amendment with the right to shop until you drop.

The result of eliminating all but one option leads to one depressing outcome. It’s one thing those with Star Trek visions of a benevolent united future never grasp, along with how to ask a girl out.  Nerds don’t get how humans interact. Aside from the miserable calculation of making an inherently independent species rely on a useless government, the lack of competition motivates us to stop working.  Hooray: we’re on vacation!

There’s no profit motive when someone else funds you.  Oh: so that’s why compulsory insurance was never awesome nor cheap.  Some are still baffled why their service is awfully expensive for being such flaming garbage.  Give them another miserable century to learn atrocities against individual humans and humanity isn’t helpful. Letting us get insurance from somewhere other than our stupid, cloddish, rotten, inept government will murder us.

America doesn’t need a boss.  It especially doesn’t need this boss.  Our president’s biggest product is boasting.  At least that’s been consistent during his transition from private to public shyster.  We don’t like being told what to do because telling authorities to sod off is the American way.  Look up how this nation started: you may be surprised at the insolence.

If federal programs were so swell, they wouldn’t need to be mandatory. Meanwhile, a guy who thinks his force of will impresses men and charms the undergarments off women is attempting to insult us into prosperity.  It won’t work for the nation any more than it did for Trump Taj Mahal’s slot machines.

A president needs to allow fellow Americans to do as they please.  This president thinks pleasing him is what Americans should do. Micromanaging will get good performances in the same sense Donald Trump tweets with grammar in mind.  He finally has his captive market.  Unlike, say, buying steaks from a goofy gadget retailer, we have to patronize his current scheme.  Patriots don’t even have the option to quit.  They could passports, but Canada has both Justin Trudeau and no recent Stanley Cups.

We can generously classify it as a spotty business.  I forget if I mean the ones Trump ran or those in the government he runs.  Either way, he’s a few levels past the Peter principle. You can’t announce you’re suggesting something as a negotiation ploy unless you’re trying to outsmart a foe by playing dumb.  It’s easy to pretend with enough practice.

Despite the protestations of cult officers who want their beloved leader to win every Oscar as reward for saving the nation, Trump isn’t that good of an actor.  You know someone is successful if they keep telling you.  Insecurity is to be crushed with a display of machismo.  Did you know the loser media is mean to our dear president?

Being head of state requires a different skill set from profiting.  Trump doesn’t really have the first one.  To be fair, the same’s true about the second.  Slapping his name on any product in sight is one way to run an enterprise, although not as lucrative as he claims.  Just claim the cash rolls in, and it’s bound to happen.  It’s not really true for either of his most famous jobs.  He’s qualified in a way we didn’t hope.

Hating Politics for Fun and Liberty

Bless those who don’t give a rat’s ass about politics.  Sadly, politics cares very much about us.  That’s why we have to lure it into the basement where it can be properly chained so grownups can live peacefully.  Duct-tape a mattress to the door if you can’t afford soundproofing.

There’s no more human desire than to want to conduct lives free of stupidity. The best way is to tell the government to sod off, as that gets rid of about 80 percent of the problem.  Avoid sitcoms to cut what’s left in half.  A few people face suffering to help others.  We don’t need medals, although it’d be nice. Some of us follow the soul-sapping procedure only to reduce its role.  It’s the same reason I learned the names of the New Kids on the Block.

Organic conservatives do not resemble the hippie junk vegetables that cause you to eat bugs and sadness along with your salad.  It’s just natural for people to desire autonomy.  Many Americans are living the principles of P.J. O’Rourke without realizing it, even with a bit less casual drug use.  Maximizing liberty is a normal instinct even if those participating mix up a Calvin Coolidge portrait with Harry Houdini.

Honest gun owners just want to shoot bad guys who threaten them first. People recognize the need to defend themselves as a condition of continuing to exist.  Anyone treated like a criminal while trying to obtain a firearm to defend against them wonders if circling criminals bothered to go through with background checks.  They endure the humiliating procedure as opposed to robbing banks, not that those interested in the latter would be announcing it during the process.

Those out to earn honestly often must deal with onerous licensing.  I can’t recall how many times I’ve read that story about the woman who had to pay a fortune to be licensed to braid hair.  But it’s a conservative site favorite for a reason.  Needing a slip of paper from the state to announce you’re good at something is unnecessary validation even if legally binding.

But how would we ever know if a seller offered a good product?  We could never try something like asking neighbors or trying it once.  Life should be without interaction or risk.  And modern cyber-men can’t check Yelp for reviews and sort the helpful ones from the delusional crackpots who think they’re going to launch critic careers with devastating takedowns of Olive Garden breadsticks.  Nope: we simply must let the government determine who’s qualified to provide for oneself. Treat any violators as criminals if you really want to make them love Big Brother.

Trying to get insurance is much tougher since we must do so.  It’s uncanny how premiums skyrocket like deductibles when sellers know you’re forced to buy.  Coverage plummets in one of those cruel ironies that costs lives.  That’s a steep price to pay for being able to claim everyone’s covered, but at least smugness is healthy.

Sure, responsible adults don’t need to be forced in the first place to do something that protects themselves or their kids.  But a little mandatory encouragement can’t hurt, except for that whole market distortion.

Most people see themselves as functional despite Washington’s efforts to classify the bulk as inadequate.  Wanting to live on their terms is a simple yet profound goal.  That basic tenet becomes challenging when politicians keep tossing anchors it claims are life preservers.  You can distinguish between the two by comparable weight, although federal guidelines claim they’re identical.

It takes the smallest amount of pride to not want items bought by others.  Nothing’s patronizing like being told one both needs and wants complimentary goods.  Forget that potential employers are being bilked to fund the most inefficient take on compassion possible: Americans are renowned for refusing what’s only complimentary with a giant asterisk.  Some things are better deals than free.

Removing competition doesn’t work in business or fighting poverty.  The demeaning presumption that government’s role is to steer their destiny results in hitting the ground.  The uselessness paired with unsustainable debt isn’t quite as helpful as you’d think.  The worst example possible of sufficiency comes from those whose orders come at gunpoint.

Always seek out people who are naturally averse to politics.  They’re our favorite sort, as this process sucks.  Anyone only interested in policy for the purpose of reducing its role is on its side.  Don’t feel disheartened if you don’t often hear from such individuals, as they’re often busy being productive.  How did they know to do so without a mandate?

Short-Term Memory… Something

Is it the case that nobody else’s brains shut off, either? I hope? I forgot the previous sentences.  Going back to read them is pointless, as I’m too consumed with what’s being tweeted this second.  That placeholder news from 12 seconds ago is just taking up space.  Has anyone been nuked recently?  The radiation lasts much longer than our memories.

The problem with a lost attention span is not remembering to search for it.  And don’t try to pretend it’s nice to switch thoughts like a remote that accesses digital cable.  Nine hundred options are tricky to manage.

I spend most of the day trying to pretend a mind trained to close tabs rapidly means less trauma.  But it turns out not thinking about pain fails to cure it.  I’m vainly trying to focus on positives, even though I lost the train of thought in a way that’d make Amtrak proud.

The brain doctor says forgetting doesn’t make rough notions vanish, and qualifications make it easier to know who has a clue.  Modern techno-humans never deal with the horrible things inflicted on us by life.  I hope that doesn’t mean failing to grow, although it would explain the communal dwarfness.

Facing things down is the only way to become strong enough to kick future crises in the junk.  Rushing on to the next story is a very mature way to get through life.  We have the attention span of a Tinder user swipe.  This is a daunting way to find true love.

Stories that used to stick with us for decades are forgotten by the next update. Try to watch two shows at once if you’d like to watch zero.  The good news is that we get information instantaneously.  That’s also the bad news.  Having to discover why Bud Light sucks every time one tastes it is brutal on our poor tongues.

Sometimes, you just have to grab a single fish instead of the whole school.  A bear who thinks he’ll eat them all is going to be hungrier than his friends.  Sure, we would’ve never heard of many events back when we we only got the news at 6:30 p.m.  The devices that enable us to get around media guardians allow us to see stories Dan Rather didn’t decide were newsworthy enough. Anything that ticks off a network is cool with me.  But there are so many stories that it’s tough to pay attention to one at a time.  We know via ceaseless experience.

Perhaps it’s for the best we occasionally forget our addresses and phone numbers.  Pretending to frame our goldfish-style memories as a positive is one way of coping.  We’re not being dragged down by baggage.  But we also don’t have a change of clothes.  Spending three seconds contemplating may help us learn from events.  It’s tricky to stay calm when every click means a new screen of updates.

Humans are in for an even deeper cratering if they neglect to recall that suffering is the point.  At least I think it is; that’s why there’s so much of it, right?  There’s a vague sense of unease as we rush past tales of gruesomeness and corruption.  Rubbernecking at life’s collisions is a shallow way of looking.  Our brains switch topics like a television in a multimedia art exhibit from 1992, and I prefer paint applied with skill.

The details must be unimportant if we never bothered to learn them.  At least, I hope that’s so, as society is otherwise neglecting to collect a frightening percentage of necessary information.  For one, there was the Las Vegas mass murder where we still don’t know the motive.  I guess there aren’t any surveillance videos in that city.  Nobody remembers how many cops were murdered in Dallas, although bringing to mind that a bad thing happened is something.  And I think some Hollywood producer made the tritest story possible about his personal life, but I’m sure ladies are safe now.

Despite human experience being a bit more negative than we’d hope, it’s good to recall some things.  Your spouse will probably appreciate you knowing the given name.  And treasuring events after they happen could be pleasant, especially during ample dark times when we need evidence there will at least be a break.  Bring to mind rottenness with the knowledge that life’s not always cheery.  It’s also good to identify details, even if only names of perpetrators.

What’s the point of today if we don’t remember it tomorrow?  The next day better be awesome.  Still, we can only enjoy the moment so much. Looking forward to what’s next is the key to that hopeful feeling I hear is nice.  We better be ready, as there are going to be arduous moments on account of how this universe’s purpose is to irritate us. A little bit of focus helps a lot with preparation.  Hey: check out that pigeon!