You the People

Constitutional contempt is an odd way of demonstrating love for this nation.  I’m not calling modern progressives un-American: I’m merely noting their beliefs run counter to the values of a country designed to enable autonomy.  Okay, maybe I’m accusing them.  But they sure are insistent.  It’s important to brand everyone who disagrees with whatever goofy concepts they invent as delusional for the full effect.

Those who think federal action helps humans are already confused.  They could alleviate that cognitive dissonance by first deciding if they’re pretending to adhere to the rules.  Our most arrogant dopes already have to compensate for believing we inhabit some Bizarro America where government is what makes it swell instead of precisely what’s to be minimized. Thinking a document designed to protect the right to be left alone contains an insurance mandate is foolish enough that anyone who adheres to it must be contemptuous.

I encourage fans of benevolent autocracy to admit they loathe America’s limits.  Honesty might feel nice, even as a change of pace.  The Vox-style board game flipping at frustration over losing is the only exercise they get.  Those damned rules keep them from implementing plans that would eliminate poverty, pain, and the fear of death.  Note who’s respectful of impediments to authority by how they complain about slavery written into the Constitution. They’re the same ones who kvetch their foes won’t compromise by giving into everything they want.

A republic with specific designated tasks is designed to curtail power, which is precisely why growing-government fans see it the way I do a cash bar at a wedding.  Redundant limitations naturally tick off those who think a benevolent autocrat can impose order on these subversive free markets.  There’s a reason each branch is pitted against each other, and not just because it’s a blast to watch idiots argue about why each should dominate.   The document doesn’t enable all three to unite in steamrolling us for our flattening benefit.  I can check the back.

Washington can remedy anything, according to those with high tolerances for fantasy and low self-esteem.  You don’t even need to know the question, as the answer is always even more debt.  We can’t do anything radical like letting buyers and sellers negotiate until they reach a price that’s mutually agreeable.  What foolishness led you to conclude people could take care of their own needs?  It’s not literally written down or anything.

Anyone who loves America so much they want to change it completely is bound to see it rationally.  Literal freedom-fighters think the country’s job is to fight oppression.  Also, their definition of oppression is getting to buy insurance from a company if you think it’s wise. Paying with your own money just feels so expensive.  Instead, tax people who make more, as they obviously thieved it.  How could anyone be more valuable than you?

Making up clauses is one way to cope with terrifying liberty.  The nation’s whole appeal lies in not being bothered.  But responsibility for what happens in your life isn’t nearly as fun as blaming someone unconnected.

Ruining the delicate balance that keeps us from being hassled into oblivion would be bad enough without knowing their policies create toxic agony.  The enlightened tolerant faction throws away a nation dedicated to liberty in order to create crummy dependence based on doling out a sliver of what’s contributed.  All that freedom is just going to make you think someone else could pay you more than Washington.  Let the sort of government where Donald Trump can be head of state be in charge of our well-being.

The document’s tone leans toward not getting pushed around if nobody’s noticed yet.  There was a king involved at some point who told people what to do, and the fairy tale indicates they didn’t care for it. Ancestors ticked over a tax on stamped paper would have aneurysms at the myriad invasions we not only tolerate but encourage as measures of civilization.

Listen to grad students who are too smart to create anything.  Pompous lectures disguised as news explainers don’t count.  Experts take your money because you don’t have enough degrees to know how to spend it wisely.  Buying stuff you want would be foolish.  Who wants to be materialistic and get something you’d like?  Disavow possessions to reach nirvana.

Government is the religion for some who look upon genuflecting during Mass attendance as silly.  Even worse, they’re a bunch of heathens.  The heresy of loathing the Bible is often adhered to by those who face Washington while praying.  Self-appointed betters won’t trust the masses to pick what they want, much less tap their holstered guns if anyone tries to shut them up.  The theoretical interdictions are bad, but wait until you see how much Constitution opponents can screw up things practically.


Got It Done

Replying to critics is a tacit assertion that they have something worth saying.  Sure, it’s frustrating to ignore lesser twerps nipping at your ankles.  But returning hatred shouldn’t be the only thing keeping you warm.

Confidence should be natural enough that those with it don’t need to state they have it.  Famous restaurants don’t have to bill themselves as such.  The truly powerful can dominate news cycles without having to constantly affirm their statues.  It’s as if those who feel compelled to snip are overcompensating for insecurity.  But they assure us that’s not the case, so that’s a relief.

By contrast, the Bushes were too busy being wealthy layabouts and presidents to worry about if it upset others.  With the world losing George Herbert Walker in mind, his funeral reminded us the family didn’t and don’t care what anyone said to them.  Someone that established didn’t need to remind anyone.

Americans genuinely appreciate the legacy of a president who didn’t like talking about being shot down while battling a global villainous menace.  The rest of us can acknowledge the contrast the family was too classy to make, namely that the incumbent humbles himself by bragging about his mortifying real estate career despite a history of bankruptcy, bailouts, and an inability to keep businesses featuring roulette wheels profitable.

It’s frustrating to let critics shriek, especially since their lunacy is emboldened when unchallenged.  But the guy who’s literally the most powerful on Earth shouldn’t be concerned that some people are unhappy about the result.  The commander-in-chief can define a narrative more by action than the media can, especially when the latter struggles with literacy.  I’d be surprised if Jim Acosta were able to read insults.

The Bushes are not Twitter people, which is why they seem so happy and know how to talk to each other.  On the other hand, it’s easy to avoid sadness when people pass away if you never get to know them, so never interact with them in the same room to stay happy.

Did you enjoy the granted wish, asks the genie while giggling?  We dream of a president who forgets to post on social media, and not only because the example will inspire the nation to make eye contact again.  Reminisce about leaders too busy living their lives to fret about online insults.

It’s also easier to implement an agenda while not engaging with every miserable critic.  Donald Trump is perfect for the format, which is not a compliment.  It’s far braver to mute, especially when you have nuke codes.  If the free world’s leader is responding to every critic, he’s as thin-skinned as the average person.  Sometimes, we don’t want a typical representative of our crummy species.

You can tell Trump’s admirers are alpha males because they constantly have to tell others.  Their favorite hobby is squawking at critics, often with very clever personal insults checkered with swear words. Also note pure masculinity by who’s obsessed with loyalty.  Cast out those who dare stand against a mouthy showman who treats not thinking out anything as a virtue.

Equating toughness with slinging mud has been as inspirational as expected. Trump’s most zealous volunteer action squad seethes with rage, as running mouths is the only exercise they get.  Copying what the president does shouldn’t be so negative.  A few effective maneuvers would help them develop confidence.  Their admiration for an empty executive is particularly appalling when the connected actions are pending.  I thought talking about it was all it takes, which is why Obamacare isn’t fully repealed any more than North Korea is nuke-free.

If this era seems pleasant, I envy your self-control in staying off social media.  It’s hard to believe life could get universally nasty with a president determined to respond to every single critic by name.  That’s before even acknowledging we give any executive power to set America’s mood.

Those who presume the government should and can be intimately involved with every life’s every aspect have decided the head of state is supposed to set the tone for everything in the country from how we spend our money to the way we should conduct ourselves.  Please spend on our behalf as we cuss out anyone who thinks politicians from the other side are better at controlling our paychecks.

Stoic toughness is quite the contrast with feeling full of unrequited rage. Anyone who constantly draws attention to himself is bound to be joyous.  But at least every slight gets addressed.  Voters claimed they wanted someone who fought back.  Meanwhile, George Herbert Walker Bush’s death reminded everyone that presidents used to have something better to do.  Not caring what critics said was a better way to fight back than remembered.  It took the mortifying alternative by contrast to make it stark.

Infringe This

Sure, it’s neat to shoot pop cans and woodchucks.  America’s favorite sport involves ballistically putting holes into bowling pins for good reason.  Why else have gunpowder and open fields if we can’t experience the joyous freedom to aerate?  Even better, all that target practice serves a useful purpose, namely reminding the government who’s boss.  Good aim can only emphasize.

Guns are there to fight back.  The very fact we have them is why we don’t need to use them.  Like the cop who keeps crime from ever happening, it’s tough to assign credit.  But only ingrates don’t respect what’s prevented from happing, which explains those who think the Second Amendment means the government’s allowed to arm itself.

The state’s too powerful, and not just because they still think they can make us buy crummy insurance.  Anyone who thinks there’s no way to defend ourselves if stupid Washington gets even pushier really the lesson about our Revolution.  The word “ragtag” comes up in reference to our side axiomatically for good reason.  Taking cover in the woods to fire back is as American as romping in Saratoga.

It’s tough to cheer for liberty when you’re not cool with it existing.  Professional confiscators aren’t into what our forefathers were fighting for, either.  Those patriarchic landowning white dudes didn’t even think to ban hate speech or include a living wage in their precious Constitution.  If the hoary document promises liberty, then why do we have to buy our own things?

Principles don’t change even as our guns get sweeter.  Modern firearms are as protected by the Second Amendment as streaming apps are by the First.  Besides, there’s no time to reload a musket.  You don’t need to indulge in right-wing paranoia about Civil War II to think that our dumb government could get out of hand.  There’s only so much shoving around to endure.  That’s why citizens give it the evil eye while tapping AR-15s. Call it our own check and balance.

This isn’t to indulge in war porn.  But countless Americans are going to fight if it gets to that point no matter what as a matter of principle and fun.  As a rule, we’d rather live on our feet than die on our knees.  And, if there actually was an insurgency, much of the military will be on our side, a fact eluding those asserting the skirmish would be over in 30 seconds.  Ponderous critics need to listen to James Brown and watch Star Wars, and not just as a general principle.

Our limited government can just nuke us, which is why Afghanistan was so easy to conquer.  Levelheaded representatives of the people such as military strategic genius Eric Swalwell never grasp that a politician noting government has ominous weapons is precisely why we’re keeping ours.  They’re just making a case for why Americans should be able to get nukes without a waiting period.

The need to overthrow a government that odious hasn’t happened precisely because we’re all armed.  It’s the same reason crime plummets when right-to-carry is enacted: all the good guys are suddenly involved in a fair fight.  Oh, and lowering an escalating tax rate means successful people can spend and hire more to help the economy. It’s so unlike liberals to not grasp incentives.  Measuring what something prevents takes gratitude, which is why most people who see government as family don’t see it.

It’s easy to tell who thinks a rebellion isn’t even worth trying, and not just because they couldn’t do a pushup, singular.  Those who’re already looking for white sheets to make surrender flags are sort of people who think cops should fire at the chandelier to fall on a criminal’s head to avoid causing pain.  Similarly, a property owner only needs one bullet to shoot a gun from a home invader’s hand, you paranoid lunatic with your 93-round magazines.  Note they’ll refer to them as “clips” in a sure sign they know the devices they wish to ban.

Humans can defend ourselves no matter whether or not it’s written down.  It is in our particular awesome country, which is a nice touch.  But rights exist regardless of if they’re codified by the same entity that’s being limited.  Those who scoff at guns as a defense against tyranny because you can’t stop a tank by shooting it are really getting the point.  They often bitch illogically on instantaneous publishing platforms using beams from space that the Founding Fathers totally envisioned while compiling the Bill of Rights.

It’s not that I want them to shut up: in fact, gun-scoffers make the case against their own beliefs every time they speak.  These noted military strategists know just how a fight would turn out.  After all, they thought the Iran Deal would bring peace to the Middle East, Obamacare would make insurance awesome, and the Earth would be ruined by the internal combustion engine decades ago.  Why would haters of firearms and military maneuvers not anticipate how a rights fight turns out?  Government is too powerful to fight back against, claim those who think it helps their case.

None or Nothing

Rejecting the notion of absolutes is a favorite hobby of those who loathe dissent.  Well, that doesn’t add up.  Everything and everyone is all good or bad in one of the very subtle characterizations of our social media era.  People who use phrases like “My truth” sure think everyone who disagrees is as objectively evil as a straw-user.  Do you regret not being able to punch whales right in the face, you gasoline fan?

It’s easier to proclaim divergent opinions as invalid.  We value consistency, right?  And who could be stupid enough to think something that goes against our very smart brains?  The notion of looking at an issue differently is so offensive that it should result in firing.  Please provide your employer’s Twitter handle if you don’t think so.

There’s more dividing ideological foes than issues.  Mean close-minded conservatives think those who disagree are wrong, while same disagreers think everyone else is an orphan-devouring grandma-kicker. The notion that America could use slightly less debt is portrayed as crazed. There’s nothing more diabolical than letting people keep their money and sticking to a budget.

Political observers find it uncanny how anyone who disagrees with social justice warriors is monstrous.  That’s the byproduct of wanting to see the poor suffer for sport.  Inhuman extremism starts with thinking maybe a few million abortions is a bit too many.  Wait: whose side is that?

True ghouls don’t want their Moloch worshipping disrupted.  Brett Kavanaugh is seen as a dastard because of how he sees the Constitution, not for whatever charges his frenzied opponents invented about him leading a rape gang in between kegs.  It’s nice to invent an excuse as a measure of respect for protocol.

Applying today’s morality to people who didn’t get the benefit of decades of societal progress is as fair as yelling at school cafeterias for appropriating culture by serving delicious tacos on Cinco de Mayo. Modern white liberals totally would’ve sat on the other side of a segregated lunch counter after attending Negro League baseball games. Just ask them.

The commitment to excluding anyone who dares stick to the nation’s rulebook is especially annoying for people who mock anyone with standards.  It’s certainly courageous on top of the willingness to demonize historical figures. You’d think those who mock Bible-thumpers would be more open about acknowledging that humans can evolve.

Those who constantly smirk about history arcing toward justice or some other such pompous attempt to sound enlightened refuse to accept people in earlier centuries may not have been tolerant enough to condemn dressing as a member of a different culture for Halloween.

Humans can’t evolve, claim those who believe our species is perfectible. There’s nothing more urgent than to condemn persons who are flawed by purportedly modern standards, including purported civilizational heroes.  Winston Churchill literally defeated Hitler, but that racist jerk deserves our scorn.  We’re too busy blaming Christopher Columbus for genocide to appreciate that his penchant for sailing past the horizon got the Western world started. And don’t even get me started on slave-owning Founders who wrote this evil Constitution that prevents the miracle of single-payer from being installed.  There’s nothing braver than condemning them years later while enjoying the benefits of their accomplishments.

There’s nothing subtle like expressing admiration for something from the past means endorsing everything about it.  Bringing up something that went well in America in, say, the 1830s means you’re cool with chattel. Modern liberals totally would’ve stood up to slaveowners.  That commitment to sanctimony is also seen in shrieking at Ted Cruz while he has the nerve to patronize a restaurant.

It’s bad enough to hate the guts of anyone who voted differently.  At least laugh about who you despise.  The worst part is how lousy the ideas are of the most strident.  Maniacal social engineering paired with punishing success ensures everyone of every invented gender has to choose between a bus pass and two meals per day.  Note who claims the other side hates health care for sick infants as their communal scheming ensures kids will hit puberty before they’re treated.  Maybe time in the waiting room will naturally cure them.

Look to the leader for why the evil Star Trek German parallel dimension has become reality.  The endless resistors have developed a thorough political philosophy based upon noting everything the president does is evil and stupid.  Donald Trump is installing the Fourth Reich, which is especially tricky considering how inept he is.  The incumbent makes George W. Bush look like Barack Obama.  Imagine how brutal the next Republican will be.  Each day of the term will be spent pushing unlucky chosen citizens down elevator shafts.

For now, amuse yourself by noting how often the most strident would agree with Trump’s doltish economical meddling were his name not attached. They’re not pernicious just because the fail to know how math works.

Scroll to Forget

Emotions will disappear before you know it if you hate the ones you’re feeling now.  Compensate for the lack of sentimentality by being insane with rage about whatever feels important that day.  It’s hard to care about what’s forgotten in 12 seconds.  You’re moving on to the next paragraph, so I hope you enjoyed what’s already in the past.

The three-channel era was so dull that I can’t believe we survived. Ancient pre-Netflix humans had to obsess about past events because so little filled our time.  The internet has taken care of those interminable moments where we previously weren’t being fed content.  Blinking just means missed page views, so consume enough caffeine to ensure peak efficiency.

I think this online fad is going to stick, so we better learn how to maintain attention.  Twitter isn’t helping in more ways than one. Trending topics will tell us what to fake knowledge about at this moment.  A scan of tweets from news sources trusted by the user create expertise.  Next, lecture anyone with ostensibly less knowledge to create the proper atmosphere of contempt.  Modern news consumers are getting along as well as expected.

Back in the olden days of web pages with frames, we had nothing to do while a page loaded than read it 11 times.  Dial-up made us patient.  Sure, that’s like claiming rationing made us appreciate meat.  But contemplative fogeys dealt with the challenges life presented such as the screechy sign-in sound.  And that’s before fretting about anyone trying to reach us hearing a busy signal while we spent 17 minutes loading the day’s top story.  Now, we’re horrified that someone will call us on our magic pocket computers.  Advanced modern types yearn for the throwback of having to tie up the phone line.

Who’s going to let the toaster finish Pop-Tarts?  Room temperature is a true seconds-saver.  Don’t bother unwrapping to shave even more previous time off the schedule, as each moment is a gift.  People seem to really cherish them these days, no?  Instant isn’t fast enough.  Every era has felt frenzied back to racing through newspapers.  But our zapping age is conducive to flipping onto the next story.  Our necks ache from tracking updates.  Whiplash is the price of being informed.

These 45-minute news cycles sure are helping our attention spans.  Are they even cycles at this point?  The wheel doesn’t even take a full spin by the time we’re focused on the next subject of contempt.  We’d better hurry.  Outrages that would’ve defined eras are forgotten by next Monday.  Remember what happened yesterday?  Me neither.

Feeling intense about a story for the day before sliding onto the next is bound to be healthy.  The intensity with which we face each news event resembles infatuation for high school crushes without any chance of even an awkward hookup after the prom. These particular targets of desire affect our incomes and well-being, which makes encountering updates about them even less fun.

The day’s affront is sure to provoke anger to last long enough to keep us warm until sunset.  We’ll find a fresh one soon, so don’t worry if you didn’t vent enough at whatever alleged human rights violation is. There will be just enough anger to fill the void as long as you keep hunting.  The only ones who’ll remember are online bully mob targets coping with a lifetime of scarring, so stay on the prowl for victims to maintain energy levels.

Is existence contained to our minds?  We better hope so.  That’s an easy way to make problems disappear.  We’re in trouble unless crises evaporate once our minds change topics, so concentrate your hardest to save the planet.  Forgetting stuff surely makes it go away.  It’s our strategy with debt.  The reminder that we have no effect on the dumb things that affect us should provide comfort.  That’s unless voting counts, and it’s cute how you think it does.

Many of those full of the daily rage claim to loathe Donald Trump while mimicking him.  His regrettable hobby of yelling at whoever’s in front of him before moving onto the next topic is part of his famous charm.  We’re like puppies minus the endearing cuteness that makes their naughtiness tolerable.  Oh, well:  let’s have our cathartic nine-second rage before forgetting why we felt ornery in the first place.

Information shoves us so quickly that our thoughts rush off cliffs with it.  I remember when that dang MTV was rotting our attention span.  I think.  The notion that we flip through life without ever paying attention to any of it seems vaguely familiar, but I can only go back to lunch in the memory banks, so just presume.  It’s gotten us this far.  Maybe?

Insider Information

We finally have politicians who tell it like it is.  Hopefully, they can teach the president.  Non-Trump straightforwardness is one of the few pleasant surprises in a time filled with endless unwanted ones.  Oh, look: CNN switched its status chyron to DEFCON 2 again.

It turns out establishment insider spineless RINOs are surprisingly okay at defending what’s left of the Constitution from the liberal horde’s solar-powered torches.  The ones actually making semi-conservative policy are more clever than anticipated. A president who doesn’t know Adam Smith’s name will naturally take credit.

Shock usually isn’t pleasant in 2018.  But I never thought would not only crush liberal twits but delight in the ensuing shrieking.  Mitch McConnell is the one gleefully crushing the spirit and skulls of his enemies. The biggest difference with the president is that he’s actually effective.  He’s joined in smirking mockery by Lindsey Graham.  Lindsey Graham?! The embodiment of mannered Southern surrender has had enough and is brawling politely. And Ted Cruz sure is chipper for someone with his body count.

Does anyone remember how a bill becomes a law?  A country full of ironic hipsters never bothered to learn what Schoolhouse Rock actually taught.  There are steps before your amazing idea to end poverty and sadness through federal decree can go into effect.  You’d think the amateurish resistance pros would by contrast be excited about the layers between ideas and Trump signing laws.  Semi-dictatorships shouldn’t be approved based on affiliation.

Isn’t it nice to know there are safeguards against Trump?  The problem is those tricky checks and balances will be inconvenient the next time a Democrat wants to bring some of Havana to our health care.  Those who think the president decides something which then becomes policy should feel more relieved at learning the rules.  Just because it’s basically been going that way doesn’t make it wise.  Barack Obama was benevolent about running our lives, so let’s end the habit of law by proclamation to honor him.

Making liberals learn what the Senate does is almost amusing enough to make this era bearable.  They can fume all they’d like about Wyoming’s concentrated superpower instead of trying to make Cheyenne the next insufferable hipster enclave.  It’s fun to remind everyone how government works, in the sense it ever functions at all.

Supposedly effete Senate Republicans not only have principles but know how to put them to work.  I’m as startled as you are.  They’re the nerds who actually read the board game rules on the inside of the box’s lid.  It’s easier to play as you’d like if you take those moments to find out where you can move the pieces.  You know you’ve won when your opponents flip the Monopoly board.  Both top Democrats and the president are the sort of smug kids who thinks they can outwit someone who knows what’s in the Constitution.  I don’t want to suggest they actually learn what they’re allowed to do.

The kindest people are the worst ones to tick off because it takes so long to push them to their breaking points.  Didn’t anyone learn the lesson from provoking kind teachers in grade school?  As for the senatorial equivalent of going too far with classroom noise, erstwhile nice guys got fed up with being called enemies of light and orphans.  Getting fed up led to new judges and legislation, so I encourage our nastier friends to continue thinking yelling at diners because they disagree is wise and righteous.  I just wish it were possible to have balance between ignoring maliciously doltish critics and shrieking like a thin-skinned toddler from the Oval Office in reply.

A guy who thinks writing answers on his hand counts as studying is sure that he knows the most.  What’s the subject?  All of them.  Trump could’ve worked with Senate Republicans to coordinate dismantling all the stuff we’re told to hate.  But the president doesn’t need the help of some other loser branch like a weakling.  As a result of never coordinating, here’s a reminder that Obamacare’s framework is still in place as is a bankrupting retirement scheme that hands out a pittance in exchange for paying a special bonus tax over a working lifetime.  But at least Trump runs his mouth, which is all that matters.  I mean, it doesn’t, but we enjoy play acting even more than in the past.

At least we can tell when they’re backing down.  President Trump changes beliefs as quickly as he can chase them.  Dashing in dress shoes can’t be good on his knees, but the executive will sacrifice anything for us, including his integrity.  He thinks he’s standing for something when he doesn’t grasp that his habit of endorsing whatever’s popular fails to qualify as boldness.  It’s too bad he can’t be bold in righteousness like, checking this again, Lindsey freaking Graham.

Hand Over Our Money

Your money used to be yours.  Quaint times of property rights seem as ancient as reading a newspaper.  Hand over the hive’s share and be glad you’re allowed to retain anything. Put it in the pile so we can share what you selfishly claim to have earned.  There’s nothing more American than taking what’s held by stubborn individuals to help us all through road paving and Social Security.  The government’s the best part of this country, right?

What you do with your cash somehow became our concern.  Could you open your blinds, please?  It’s not a request.  Groups of us who join forces to profit are by definition many times worse.  How much money you got in there?

Rich corporations have plenty of bucks they sit upon, as there’s nothing that helps them more than selfishly hoarding currency.  That’s according to people who aren’t in business themselves and know nothing about it along with loathing the idea of profiting but are totally certain how this rotten system operates.

Sure, the inner workings of any legitimate enterprise should be private by definition, and not a thought goes to how much value the most menial workers generate.  On the other hand, I want what I’ve decided is a living wage.  What do you mean, what do I do?

A preposterous mandatory starting salary is important if you’re not planning on earning a raise.  Why would anyone bother?  The idea that earning more means owing a higher percentage is super for motivation.  There’s relief for anyone tired of tracking others.  It’s not anyone’s damn business how much anyone else has made.  Calculating how much belongs to the collective is a fun way to invade what’s your business.  Has anyone noticed what happens to federal receipts?  Even a cursory examination would force observers to condemn salaries for congressman.

Libertarian dreamers hope to unite Americans in all loathing the same small levy. The goal of a universal low rate that’s easy for those starting off to afford is too sensible to work.  Rich people keeping their money aren’t going to spend or invest it, so we better confiscate.  Cash certainly isn’t theirs to squander or keep as they wish.

Get back here in the crab bucket.  How dare you seek sunlight?  Very pleasant people who totally stick to their own concerns claim the wealthy owe us more as if success should provoke guilt.  They use the same utilities as everyone else, which is why half their income should be incinerated.  Reduced federal spending requires not buying useless junk, which is just too much to bear.

Liberals who claim their counterparts are teeming with guilt sure aren’t projecting or anything.  The most diabolical profiteers amongst us dare indulge the urge to provide a need to those willing to pay for it Meanwhile, they attempt to make anyone who earns more than average feel like they’ve sinned.  Calculate how much a studio apartment costs and two Taco Bell meals per day, and that’s all the income you need.

Prices going up is usually a good thing.  No, you may not exactly like it.  But it’s also no fun how beer and ice cream contain ample calories, and what else are you supposed to serve guests for dinner?  I can’t believe it needs to be explained, but something more valuable is going to cost as much as you’d think.  Attractive items feature a price tag that discourages hoarding. By contrast, removing the motive to shop for bargains as necessarily happens when the government gets our credit card is sure to spur frugality.

Washington going on a spree on our behalf offers the worst of both worlds: it costs more to get less.  Other than that, we’re getting good value. It’s not quite shocking that those who think we get a swell deal out of taxes don’t grasp how a business works.

It’s too bad telling others what to do isn’t profitable.  Self-appointed CEOs have made a habit out of scolding private employers for how much they voluntarily offer hires to perform unskilled work just like should happen in a free nation.  Do what de facto socialists want and they promise to stop harassing people who spend their days working.

That’s just about enough of mutual exchange.  Employers can’t offer assignments at a rate agreeable to those who accept.  Shaming particular enterprises with the menacing threat of federal action will surely lead to growth.  We don’t even need profitable bastards to fund entitlements, as that’s what debt is for.  Who said getting rich was hard?